UFC 257: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier Ceremonial Weigh-Ins

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Il y a mois

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Siewdu C
Siewdu C Il y a 8 jours
whats the song when conor weighed in
SAVAGEASSYTTV Il y a 17 jours
What’s the weigh in song called when McGregor and poirier walk in?
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion Il y a 19 jours
if conor had deontay wilder mentality i lost because 1. i had no hair 2. the hot sauce was poisoned 3. early stoppage
John Santos
John Santos Il y a 23 jours
Why is dustin hand's not touching the host?
Yifeng Toh
Yifeng Toh Il y a 25 jours
Before:Conar smack talk his opponent Now:Showing respect
Rip Steele
Rip Steele Il y a 27 jours
Threw the fight and made bank....
Alexander Donald
Alexander Donald Il y a 27 jours
Please what's the name of the music at ceremony of conor vs poirier
ein 3248
ein 3248 Il y a 29 jours
wow i am amazed by Connor. a true champion has humility. Connor has changed 100% from the childishness of before. if only Rhonda had done this, she would have been continued in the real fight world. they should have scripted her humility. she can obviously act as directed, re all star wrastlin.
Bucketeer Il y a mois
I feel like he changed, Conor isn’t as mean as he used to be.
Bucketeer Il y a 28 jours
@D00P! yeah I guess.
D00P! Il y a 29 jours
Yeah his fight against Khabib changed him
Ashish Sunny
Ashish Sunny Il y a mois
Conor : It's gonna be a treat tomorrow night Tomorrow night treat :
Jason Young
Jason Young Il y a mois
Cornor McGregor, Is Still The King. ❤
BAZRASHID Il y a mois
Proper 12 Irish whisky
drew871105 Disciple
drew871105 Disciple Il y a mois
“I take shits bigger than them” -Brock Lesnar
king Of The Jungle
king Of The Jungle Il y a mois
Amanda fine ass has alot of charisma...she got me smilling and shit
Richard Charging Cloud
Richard Charging Cloud Il y a mois
weird, i like a nice conor mcgregor
David Il y a mois
Nice to see a nice version of Connor.
Peace`••' Il y a mois
No corona distance between Conor and Dustin at 7:37🤣🤣🤣🤣
Why mcgregor face look old
LCZZIN7 Il y a mois
Geronimo Pascuale
Geronimo Pascuale Il y a mois
Finally Conor mcGregor acts like a real person but he has not been the King of MMA because he has never defended any belt and his record is very poor, UFC calls him the king of MMA but that is all publicity .
Markusspartakus Il y a mois
Connor is old man dis Game. ✌️✌️✌️
GameA Saurus
GameA Saurus Il y a mois
Oceans808 Il y a mois
Lmfao at all you Conor fanbois here thinking he'd actually sleep Dustin inside of a minute. Cry more!
Lila K
Lila K Il y a mois
I am happy for Dustin that he won. But conor is always my champion. I knew he is respectful man eventhoug his reputation looks like a badboy.
Azdi Muhammad
Azdi Muhammad Il y a mois
Connor loser
ongigig Il y a mois
Così mi è piace conor...asi me gusta conor .rispettto
JAYAN 987 Il y a mois
Khabib made him humble again. Nice to see it! 😂💪🏽
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick Il y a mois
Conor lost lot of muscle. No wonder
ManUnited123 Il y a mois
All these so called body language experts can stfu now lol
ᚡᚨᛚᚺᚨᛚᛚᚨ ᚡᛁᚴᛁᚾᚷ ᛋᛟᚲᛁᛖᛏᚤ
ᚡᚨᛚᚺᚨᛚᛚᚨ ᚡᛁᚴᛁᚾᚷ ᛋᛟᚲᛁᛖᛏᚤ Il y a mois
Conor is a changed man ? What happened?
daren guillermo
daren guillermo Il y a mois
Es agradable ver como se llevan mcgregor y justin y se abrazan.
Date Umpal
Date Umpal Il y a mois
Legends says Humble-Conor somewhere still shaking hands
Trap or Doom
Trap or Doom Il y a mois
Conor’s so much nicer to white fighters haha.
Love For Aseel
Love For Aseel Il y a mois
Khabib taught McGregor how to respect and be humble😅
SlickCalf Il y a mois
Seeing this Connor went into the fight way to friendly all his successful top fights have been I’m gonna smash ur face in ur a chump etc etc but he was hugging shaking hands he didn’t want to ‘kill’ poirier
Mostafa Il y a mois
I'm just here after the fight to hunt down the body language experts lol
Инспирэйшн Il y a mois
Well, remember what Khabibi has promised - "i am gonna make him humble" and "I finished everything about him". Connor has never been the same after Khabib.
wtfgoogle Il y a mois
too big for FW, too small for the top guys at LW imo. Conor's in a tough spot.
Sincerity Nongrum
Sincerity Nongrum Il y a mois
I miss the old McGregor..
Asサイブル Il y a mois
new connor
NoLimit 247
NoLimit 247 Il y a mois
Looks rigged, conor never shakes no1s hand.
bros fart
bros fart Il y a mois
8:48 pain.. 😔
Puhlord #1
Puhlord #1 Il y a mois
Anyone here to see the before and after fight.
FunForSameer Il y a mois
Khabib knocked some respect into Connor 💀
Mada Prasetyo
Mada Prasetyo Il y a mois
I'm here just to check Connor's fans after that beating
siippinfaygo Il y a mois
Who here after mcgregor got fucked up ?
Steven De la Brethoniere
Steven De la Brethoniere Il y a mois
8:49 no fist for u bruh! NONE!
mr rm
mr rm Il y a mois
Hi Conor Mcgregor 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Willie Cuthbertson
Willie Cuthbertson Il y a mois
I haven't paid to watch a UFC fight since they started bending to Macgregor, I like how he conducted himself here and if he keeps it up I could start paying again. 💎
Kill Him
Kill Him Il y a mois
Conor you better retire
Kandari shiv singh
Kandari shiv singh Il y a mois
Conor: something wrong in sauce Dustin :nothing wrong in the sauce Conor: nothing wrong in sauce (Matchday) Conor: there is definitely something wrong in stomach
Alejandro Il y a mois
I just pray that connor does not join wwe after this.😂
TheLegend1008ヅ Il y a mois
James S
James S Il y a mois
I hate this new conor, all friendly....what the hell is this. Khabib ruined Conor forever, his confidence is garbage, I'm not a fan of this new Conor
Kandari shiv singh
Kandari shiv singh Il y a mois
One fifty six THE official weight My ears: one fifty sixty official weight
angel Pg3d
angel Pg3d Il y a mois
Damn in the 2nd round 😳
Mehdi Blidi
Mehdi Blidi Il y a mois
Salam Conor, I invite you to find your way to the truth religion, Islam. That is the BIGGEST Win
JohnnyClock Il y a mois
That was even more bad ass to see Conor and Dustin respect each other at weigh in!👍😎
N. M.
N. M. Il y a mois
Rudi Herianto
Rudi Herianto Il y a mois
bye bye conie..😂 case closed.. dont you ever mention khabibs name again.. your skill is below khabib. gud nite.. bye bye😂😂
Ohiichan Il y a mois
Well Mcgregor just got humbled again
Emmett Bugtong
Emmett Bugtong Il y a mois
Conor sat down and his being humbled
Hassan Khan
Hassan Khan Il y a mois
Well khabib did make conor humble.
derpfrog Il y a mois
When you hug a bro on the low key it's a gimme fight. This means nothing except to stretch the McNugget brand.. Mc nugget afraid to fight to the real ones lest he be the forgotten one
Carmelo El bori's way
Carmelo El bori's way Il y a mois
Gotta love the maturity of connor he has evolved
camaro1285 Il y a mois
Dana's shoes though
Neil Marsden
Neil Marsden Il y a mois
Dan is a beast its nice to see England Scotland and Ireland in same card.
bumpindaisies Il y a mois
The ring girl is definitely fanatsizing about McGregor. Definitely cant take her eyes of of his cakes.
Albert Phaenuf
Albert Phaenuf Il y a mois
Loving the new conor.
Jessie Ward
Jessie Ward Il y a mois
Connor is very Good, But I really think Dustin will prevail 👍👍
Jessie Ward
Jessie Ward Il y a mois
The Hang Man is NO Joke
Giovanny Colon
Giovanny Colon Il y a mois
Yan Yun
Yan Yun Il y a mois
Poirier victory 100%
Kennneth Ronan
Kennneth Ronan Il y a mois
Connor at it agan getting Dunstan to copy every move .so ye know he be leading the dance in that octagon. Cage
zachariahh Il y a mois
The iconic weigh in scream
Kennneth Ronan
Kennneth Ronan Il y a mois
Corner McGregor. To good any way.
Kennneth Ronan
Kennneth Ronan Il y a mois
Hope hucker nocks chandler out. An for Dunstan he is noboyscfoolprobley a bit star struck in the start. Hope he bringsisA Game noceto see I'm do well.
Mark Hajnal
Mark Hajnal Il y a mois
Finally Conor is a complete fighter❤
Dav3 Il y a mois
THE AUDIO IS HISSING / BUZZING??!?!?! Why does UFC have audio issues so often
Louis Hernandez
Louis Hernandez Il y a mois
I actually like this Conor, he seems more humble then being cocky now.
Khalid Kadem
Khalid Kadem Il y a mois
Its weird conor is so shreded but cant see any abs lol
Doan Simanjuntak
Doan Simanjuntak Il y a mois
Khabib humbled him
One guy
One guy Il y a mois
Makhmud Muradov will knock him out!
Peter Nijkamp
Peter Nijkamp Il y a mois
That skip at 8:48 😂
Ali Maximus Power
Ali Maximus Power Il y a mois
So i am guessing Khabib is like the tshang sung in this? he's just sitting like a MASTER
Sam Yates
Sam Yates Il y a mois
8:50 guy gets left hanging looool
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops Il y a mois
Justin Mix
Justin Mix Il y a mois
Lol, Dan Hooker’s the shit. Hope he destroys dude
Tang Swarm
Tang Swarm Il y a mois
Axel Zegarra cruz
Axel Zegarra cruz Il y a mois
Vamoss conor Mc Gregor voy por ti
andrew Reilly
andrew Reilly Il y a mois
love the sportmanship from conor here this a different version of him than ive ever seen
Tomo Il y a mois
Poirier: poisons Conor with the hot sauce Conor after the loss: My belly was a balloon!
Daz P
Daz P Il y a mois
Jake Paul literally scanning every comment to see his name🤣🤣🤣 not today dip shit
Anderson Malimpensa
Anderson Malimpensa Il y a mois
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Tshering Diki Bhutia
Tshering Diki Bhutia Il y a mois
Wow... intensity of the staredown was epic
Wayne Walsh
Wayne Walsh Il y a mois
Awww, Anik got left hanging by Dustin with the fist bump
ZebraNeighbor Il y a mois
"You're in for a treat tomorrow night." I think he's telling the truth. It's gonna be a great match from a couple of great dudes.
honeydewbunson Il y a mois
The ufc really has the worst music in professional sports
DeepSouth BankFishing
DeepSouth BankFishing Il y a mois
I remember when McGregor called Dustin a backwoods hillbilly while dc and jon Jones was sitting next too them and dc was laughing even tho he's from same town as Dustin
Cherish Love
Cherish Love Il y a mois
Michael Olajide
Michael Olajide Il y a mois
My Gregor has matured man. Really like him now
DeepSouth BankFishing
DeepSouth BankFishing Il y a mois
Dustin does look ripped. Connor too tho... I hope McGregor don't take him lightly
DeepSouth BankFishing
DeepSouth BankFishing Il y a mois
They both look ripped, pumped, and ready. I can't wait til tonight
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