TOYOTA Thailand Open | Day 5: Viktor Axelsen (DEN) [4] vs. Chou Tien Chen (TPE) [2]

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Il y a mois

HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
TOYOTA Thailand Open
Men's Singles | Semifinals
Viktor Axelsen (DEN) [4] vs. Chou Tien Chen (TPE) [2]
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Rolf Schumacher
Rolf Schumacher Il y a 20 jours
For the commentator: Chou Tien Chen prefers to play the ball from deep below when playing the net because it then falls at a steeper angle on the other side of the net.
Coary Hsieh
Coary Hsieh Il y a mois
As I see it's a close match. I enjoy it very much.
marvin beyan
marvin beyan Il y a mois
Axelsen: No one can beat me Momota: hold my hibernation
Shelley Liu
Shelley Liu Il y a mois
KillerTacos Il y a mois
My dream now is to watch Momota vs Axelsen! Both recovered from injuries, and hopefully even better than before
Kai Chan
Kai Chan Il y a mois
Slow start for CTC.
DIYfusionHelp Il y a mois
what a match loved it. Victor is here to win it all. Well done Victor.
ッAlexander Il y a mois
if axelson is going to smash and you dont have the literal perfect lift, youre just fucked
OK C Il y a mois
Viktor looks unstopable right now. He should win this tournement. But holy cow 6”4 cleary a big advantage
Junlin Yi
Junlin Yi Il y a mois
Axelsen is playing very well. The only question now is can Momota beat him, of is Axelsen now the best in the world?
Coary Hsieh
Coary Hsieh Il y a mois
Yeah, I really expect the match of momota and axelsen... Shi Yu Chi is also one of top player.
Luc Dircks
Luc Dircks Il y a mois
Why was this match semi-final?
Coary Hsieh
Coary Hsieh Il y a mois
unlucky for CTC
TwinCamDude Il y a mois
My man did it again!!!
Trọng Il y a mois
I can sense Momota's style in Chou, but i think he better be more aggressive
Outsider Paragon
Outsider Paragon Il y a mois
Momota is coming back in March. He’s probably the only player right now that can give Axelsen some challenges.
Damien Qi
Damien Qi Il y a mois
Momota had a pretty big accident. Any vids where there’s proof he’s back at peak condition? Who knows if he’ll be able to play like he did before
Outsider Paragon
Outsider Paragon Il y a mois
@Krishan Rathi I feel like Viktor and Momota is like LCW-LD rivalries. LCW even though always prepared, and work so hard to keep his athletism and always seem to dominant against everyone except for Lin Dan. 2013, 200+ ranking of LD, not much training of course since he was taking his days off. Still won the world championship at age 30, pushed LCW all the way. This is probably gonna end up the same for Axelsen, Momota is gonna slay him again
Krishan Rathi
Krishan Rathi Il y a mois
@Outsider Paragon you never know, he has got ample time to prepare in covied impacted season.
Outsider Paragon
Outsider Paragon Il y a mois
@Krishan Rathi Shi Yu Qi hasn’t been himself after the injury in 2019, his smash is like 50% weaker, the footwork slightly less smooth and overall just not a good match for Axelsen. Chen Long is a good match but is getting on in years, even lost to Lin Dan (37 yo in 2019) in the Final. So to say the best out there is Momota who has beaten Viktor 13 times - and lost only 1.
Krishan Rathi
Krishan Rathi Il y a mois
why you guys are forgetting Shi yuqi and Chen Long ?
kkvvv04 Il y a mois
Impressive display by axelsen, as it stands I don't see anyone else beating him although chou could have put up a better fight today
kkvvv04 Il y a mois
@Lincoln Fineblanket yupp we're all waiting for Kento at this point, but he is gonna take a while to get into form after injury
david wong
david wong Il y a mois
@Lincoln Fineblanket u,
david wong
david wong Il y a mois
@Lincoln Fineblanket 也有一个隐隐约约隐隐约约55和8给89机械找到工业也一样,8由于人工工艺8一个6忍各种各样6小,得住,头发,太8r'87冲锋衣, 后67u97也有一样66 他的大哥现在大学,组长
Lincoln Fineblanket
Lincoln Fineblanket Il y a mois
I agree with you, however we still live in the reality where kento *axelson killer* momota exists.
SocialOne Step Ahead
SocialOne Step Ahead Il y a mois
Everyone that won the match today was the one on the left side, what are the odds
doods20 fer
doods20 fer Il y a mois
Great observation? But sorry dear, all winners of the day always on the left side..
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks Il y a mois
They always list the winner at the left side lol...
doods20 fer
doods20 fer Il y a mois
Wow Axelsen's too tough right now, I think only Momota has the chance to beat him at this rate
dennis Mikolaj
dennis Mikolaj Il y a mois
Chen long can either
ngocanh Đỗ
ngocanh Đỗ Il y a mois
Sze Qian Le
Sze Qian Le Il y a mois
I think CTC has really strong legs but sometimes he plays like he’s doing a drill or casual game... and in my opinion he needs more variation at his front court, he can’t be taking the net shorts late all the time, its just too easy for viktor axelsen to cover the court, not to mention he’s already a really tall guy with such a long reach!
Jan P
Jan P Il y a 16 jours
@Crapsalot567 well if he doesn't get "enthusiastic" in the Olympics, I don't think he will in any competition. I hope to see him go all out in the Olympics.
Crapsalot567 Il y a mois
Yeah, it's actually been this way for a really long time. He has this really muscled up and well-defined body, but he doesn't use it to attack. He only uses his great body for defense but he lacks the shot accuracy to pull it off effectively. He won't win the Olympics unless he shows more enthusiasm/fire.
florian zhu
florian zhu Il y a mois
Compared to Viktor, Chou was too weak
Badmintonforall Il y a mois
pretty happy indeed...
Anirv reddy
Anirv reddy Il y a mois
He won it twice
Tim Liu
Tim Liu Il y a mois
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