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Il y a mois

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DaDon Il y a 2 jours
If this was posted this week Anthony Edwards dunk would be #1
Tigist Dafla
Tigist Dafla Il y a 3 jours
Most of these top 15 plays are vs Houston
Ennif Leoncio
Ennif Leoncio Il y a 4 jours
25:53 I HATE YOU! 26:18 I HATE WHEN MORE!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Bird in Flight
Bird in Flight Il y a 6 jours
#15 is Davis making a 3 to put his team up by 9? Wtf?
Bird in Flight
Bird in Flight Il y a 6 jours
Jalen dunking on LeBron was lit
Carl Fernandes
Carl Fernandes Il y a 6 jours
Davis should get No.1 for just flooring that guy.
Yaas man
Yaas man Il y a 7 jours
That James Dunk Against Houston in the playoffs, WOW, he should be in Hall of Fame with MJ
Dorion Il y a 9 jours
Micah Maggio
Micah Maggio Il y a 11 jours
This is so out of order
Let`s relax with texts
Let`s relax with texts Il y a 12 jours
harden feet were out
Vincenzo Volo
Vincenzo Volo Il y a 12 jours
2:07 kemba walker trying his own medicine
Caleb Flint
Caleb Flint Il y a 19 jours
Even though Michael Jordan did not play in 2020 he is the best to ever play the game so why isn't he in their. #23
Leonard Fejzulahu
Leonard Fejzulahu Il y a 20 jours
ist halt krass näh
Udrian Martin Roncero
Udrian Martin Roncero Il y a 20 jours
Derozan dunk 1
6B (04) Tang Stanley
6B (04) Tang Stanley Il y a 20 jours
Mcgee is in 3 of these highlights damn
Mocha Il y a 22 jours
23:17 that face of disappoinment lmao
Mocha Il y a 22 jours
5:00 I really love that couple's expression
karen blanco
karen blanco Il y a 22 jours
The scattered organisation connolly marry because propane echographically expect except a illegal invoice. splendid, adventurous farmer
kenneth walton
kenneth walton Il y a 25 jours wow wow wow
Garett Bauer
Garett Bauer Il y a 25 jours
Waiting for flight
Insane Snipez
Insane Snipez Il y a 26 jours
#1 should of been Luca buzzer
Elton Thomas
Elton Thomas Il y a 26 jours
5 min!!! Filthy
Tammerian Bell
Tammerian Bell Il y a 27 jours
Pentagon, pentagram, turncoats' house..
Tammerian Bell
Tammerian Bell Il y a 27 jours
How can they still use the kids as shields?? #evenours
Tammerian Bell
Tammerian Bell Il y a 27 jours
Reevaluate the message in the story of paul revere.. who is actually revered here???
Tammerian Bell
Tammerian Bell Il y a 27 jours
All they had to do was complain all day about what I do better and then america hard wired the world to make sure they replaced me in it!!! #slobs
Tammerian Bell
Tammerian Bell Il y a 27 jours
South Haven, MS?? Y'all getting obviously personal with this shit hunh??? #lawsuit
uTakeAllThe Ls
uTakeAllThe Ls Il y a 28 jours
lakers are my fav team but even i know ad's game winner wasn't #1
EiAM LENG Il y a mois
9:10 love this lol
Mason Bell
Mason Bell Il y a mois
What he talk like 🤣🤣14 :14 what a pass
TY Laters
TY Laters Il y a mois
AD doing nothing fancy just hitting a 3 and make 15??? what?
Alexander Kovalenko
Alexander Kovalenko Il y a mois
ok maybe these are top 100 but definetly not in this order
PELERIC Il y a mois
they just forgot the jharden´s crossover step back on pat beverly and PG omg
Balla Alda
Balla Alda Il y a mois
James Harden was playing his own little game of gaga ball
BAOQIANG Li Il y a mois
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ham spidle
ham spidle Il y a mois
No tj bubble goat Warren is disrespectful af
נווה ישי
נווה ישי Il y a mois
how davis take the first play??????
Cat Noodles
Cat Noodles Il y a mois
#1 Wasn't because of AD's shot. It was because of THT getting smacked to the ground
Janie Ryland
Janie Ryland Il y a mois
Am so grateful to Goldvendor10 on telegram through the credit card I brought from him I was able to pay up my hospital bills..thanks a lot for this opportunity...
Angel LV2002
Angel LV2002 Il y a mois
Boston Freezers 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Akash Kelkar
Akash Kelkar Il y a mois
Luka is number 1 for show
DwAboutit Il y a mois
K N Il y a mois
this are literally the best 2021 plays @ check it out
Henry Mosher
Henry Mosher Il y a mois
@19:11 "mm mm"
Who Isreal
Who Isreal Il y a mois
Down the lane off the backboard to himself for a dunk. WOW
Gangster Spock
Gangster Spock Il y a mois
I give this video 💯 out of 💯
Mrt Ozd
Mrt Ozd Il y a mois
0:40 Lower your head, I'm absolute!
nolimit lasha
nolimit lasha Il y a mois
who else skipped for the first?
Nba Tisticz
Nba Tisticz Il y a mois
I’m loving 2k21 so far!! Loving it!
Alpay Naçar
Alpay Naçar Il y a mois
5:25 look left :D
Kaan Emirel
Kaan Emirel Il y a mois
27:18 lol
Mahon TV
Mahon TV Il y a mois
Check 25:48 - 25:51 creepy
FeuchterFurz11 Il y a mois
Where is Westbrook’s putback dunk on jaylen brown????
akira ._.
akira ._. Il y a mois
If the 99 block was made by lebron it would have been like top 5. This ranking is completely biased
Ali Sadirdinov
Ali Sadirdinov Il y a mois
17 45
Sebastian Morris
Sebastian Morris Il y a mois
OGs shot was sooooo much better than ADs, and OGs wasnt even the best on the list......... unreal bias
임family Il y a mois
0:33 somethings worng here
Watch and Win
Watch and Win Il y a mois
Brenda Barnea
Brenda Barnea Il y a mois
The synonymous cover approximately trick because sunday periodically suggest underneath a tearful protocol. rude, wary inch
Abraham Samuel
Abraham Samuel Il y a mois
like 50% of the good plays are against the rockets. I'm from Houston.
Mise Bacha
Mise Bacha Il y a mois
"He blocked it with his middle finger,yeah that is amazing" 😂😂...
M.O. Stats
M.O. Stats Il y a mois
That's the luckiest plays at the very top rather than the best plays.
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard Il y a mois
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Samanatha Honer
Samanatha Honer Il y a mois
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Han Thu
Han Thu Il y a mois
Nikola Mm
Nikola Mm Il y a mois
7:00 who?
Doruk Kivrak
Doruk Kivrak Il y a mois
baya iyi
Mỹ Nhân Mỹ Hậu
Mỹ Nhân Mỹ Hậu Il y a mois
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Ragan Cole
Ragan Cole Il y a mois
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Bailey Basham
Bailey Basham Il y a mois
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alexis sosa
alexis sosa Il y a mois
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Anthony Long
Anthony Long Il y a mois
This is not 2020
SK Audio Visual
SK Audio Visual Il y a mois
A very lame top 100.
Teresa De jesus
Teresa De jesus Il y a mois
I think the 95 play was not really a best play
Darcy Dixon
Darcy Dixon Il y a mois
0:11 xx
Tracy Rice
Tracy Rice Il y a mois
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Josiah Abraham
Josiah Abraham Il y a mois
a basic same old windmill at 20. really?
Max Anderson
Max Anderson Il y a mois
who else thought the hutchinson dunk went in
Oliver Crosby
Oliver Crosby Il y a mois
The knowledgeable plow bilaterally alert because red scilly sail including a lively denim. imported, awesome drake
Agent AzzJuice
Agent AzzJuice Il y a mois
I like that we get a replay of them. If its worthy I almost always wanna "see that shit again." Also, seeing the same guy be on both ends of the highlight is an attest to just how good everyone is.
541sccumm Il y a mois
how is that #1
Rosalie Makarski
Rosalie Makarski Il y a mois
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Yonatan Shamir
Yonatan Shamir Il y a mois
רק פותח את הסרטון שומע דני...
Brandon Yip
Brandon Yip Il y a mois
The vigorous poet wailly groan because garlic inspiringly drum opposite a succinct canvas. barbarous, windy trapezoid
CancerSurvivor06 4R3AL
CancerSurvivor06 4R3AL Il y a mois
57: Ja Stole James Harden's move
Thompen J Lester
Thompen J Lester Il y a mois
The gaudy care suprisingly knock because fiction ostensibly joke before a quirky german. frequent, labored oatmeal
che3do puff
che3do puff Il y a mois
wheres kobe?
John Reinecke
John Reinecke Il y a mois
The rare antelope phytochemically phone because meeting tentatively tire over a shut computer. worried, organic division
Ömer Faruk Kayahan
Ömer Faruk Kayahan Il y a mois
Yeah, let's choose an open catch and shoot three as #1. This doesn't make any sense. Don't say clutch or series changer. Nuggets were coming after two 7-game series. There was no way that Nuggets beating LAL. All OG's, Bam's, and Luka's plays were both harder and more important for the series' course.
Alkman2k6 Il y a mois
you are the whole Nba official channel and you can not make a vid at 1080p?
Travis King
Travis King Il y a mois
why is there not a single bucks highlight in this mix? you salty mix maker? feels salty...
Adam Anderson
Adam Anderson Il y a mois
Trae Young at #81 is absurd could be top 25
Mr. Müller
Mr. Müller Il y a mois
I don't think this one from anunoby should be so well placed on the list, do you agree with me?
Jay Sta. Cruz
Jay Sta. Cruz Il y a mois
Luka’s game winner got a double bang from Mike Breen that’s gotta be number 1
Craig Anthony Pemberton
Craig Anthony Pemberton Il y a mois
Why doesn't this channel upload in more than 720p?
K- Pacz channel
K- Pacz channel Il y a mois
og buzzer beater was better than ad buzzer beater srry
MambaForever8_YT Il y a mois
i hate when the announcers says “if you don’t like that you don’t like NBA basketball” because i love the NBA and wish to get there when i’m older
Ollie Crowley
Ollie Crowley Il y a mois
0:13 who let Kawhi on commentary?
Pierre14b Guitare
Pierre14b Guitare Il y a 29 jours
Dana Pisculich
Dana Pisculich Il y a mois
i love lowborn jams
Dana Pisculich
Dana Pisculich Il y a mois
hi my self
Powell .Family
Powell .Family Il y a mois
3:34 did the rim bend?
cointel 420
cointel 420 Il y a mois
DeMar Derozan looked like a villain taking out his revenge on trump supporters.
ANY WAYS Il y a mois
23:05 he could shoot another 3pts for win
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