Soul - Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)

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Schaff goes out for some Soul food
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Ignivite Il y a 2 heures
Due to personal reason I usually despise Pixar But holy shit This one hits different, it hit me where it hurt the most This going to be one of my favorite movie all the time
shaquille_oatmeal Il y a 7 heures
Tim Heye
Tim Heye Il y a 15 heures
But to me, it seems that children don't seem to like it. They seem to want something like Hotel Transylvania or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs than deep going, more for adult subjects. Their attention quickly shifts to something else while watching a movie like this.
[GD] Annoe
[GD] Annoe Il y a jour
I liked the quantum people They reminded me of flatland
Red Donut
Red Donut Il y a 2 jours
The story was unpredictable in the best way possible. There were so many moments when I got upset in advance because I thought the same old tropes that I hated were gonna play out, but then they didn’t. In the barbershop scene I saw 22 walk in and start talking, and I thought, “she’s gonna weird everybody out and fail miserably because haha funny.” I almost tuned the movie out because I was so tired of that stuff. But then she said some pretty introspective stuff and everyone loved it. It was refreshing. And not only was it less painful to watch, but it progressed the story in two ways. One being that 22 realized you don’t *need* to follow that one dream to be happy. And two, after they leave, Joe realizes that he never really got to know anyone there because he was too obsessed with jazz to ask, which nicely leads into the conclusion where Joe learns to think about how others feel and attempts to give his life for 22’s. The character growth was pulled off excellently in this movie.
Red Donut
Red Donut Il y a 2 jours
The montage at the end made me tear up a bit. That shit was beautiful.
Red Donut
Red Donut Il y a 2 jours
The montage at the end made me tear up a bit. That shit was beautiful. And the story was unpredictable in the best way possible. There were so many moments when I got upset in advance because I thought the same old tropes that I hated were gonna play out, but then they didn’t. In the barbershop scene I saw 22 walk in and start talking, and I thought, “she’s gonna weird everybody out and fail miserably because haha funny.” I almost tuned the movie out because I was so tired of that stuff. But then she said some pretty introspective stuff and everyone loved it. It was refreshing. And not only was it less painful to watch, but it progressed the story in two ways. One being that 22 realized you don’t *need* to follow that one dream to be happy. And two, after they leave, Joe realizes that he never really got to know anyone there because he was too obsessed with jazz to ask, which nicely leads into the conclusion where Joe learns to think about how others feel and attempts to give his life for 22’s. The character growth was pulled off excellently in this movie.
Don't read this comment
Don't read this comment Il y a 2 jours
A thing with this movie is that if you stop watching for like half a minute when you come back you’ll be confused.
theokinawanthing【琉球魂】 Il y a 3 jours
Everybody was 22 at some point in life
REEFBOOKS studios Il y a 3 jours
Schaff: "the Pixar ranking video" Everyone: *HE SAID THE THING!*
Elle Stuart
Elle Stuart Il y a 3 jours
i like that i watched it today in theaters and now im looking for reviews ;-;
Kate Tuason
Kate Tuason Il y a 3 jours
I do agree that the conclusion was pretty vague, BUT I LOVE how the movie tackled the lofty and existentialist concepts which you found too ambitious. I love stories that have subtle metaphors and hidden meanings because they make the audience think while feeling, not just passively absorb. I understand how you would prefer Inside Out and Coco because of their solid conclusions, but Soul just reallyyyy hit me different and showed me just how mature Pixar can go. And man, it was just so relatable to me personally.
BoniThe ChubbyPotato
BoniThe ChubbyPotato Il y a 4 jours
The beginning of the movie where it had the band playing made me genuinely happy.
The Mendoza Family.
The Mendoza Family. Il y a 4 jours
To avoid spoilers go to 5:34
Naomi Dreamz
Naomi Dreamz Il y a 4 jours
Why the faq I cry I’m so weakens)u7bsuhsuhs
Taylor Il y a 4 jours
I hate that they gendered 22. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce they/them pronouns.
HI, im new
HI, im new Il y a 4 jours
Everyone Gangsta Untill The Troll- Band-
aenil vinter
aenil vinter Il y a 6 jours
i honestly like your weiw a lot. But i missed a bit more mature charakters. They worked with adults and we are supposed to relate. But moste way thrugh i had a hard time not thinking "Grow the hecc up, you must have learned some manners and empathy at some point"
Cristina Martinez
Cristina Martinez Il y a 6 jours
I think this movie has many debatable themes. As a Catholic, I don’t believe it is 100% accurate and truth-filled as far as in their depiction of the after-life. While it is true that there is an after-life, the way it is depicted is silly, perhaps to better draw the attention of a younger audience. Although the depiction is far-fetched, Pixar does an excellent job as always skillfully developing their characters, especially with the souls who are not yet assigned bodies who are depicted in an abstract way as a combination of random shapes and lines. 22's character is relevant to at least a portion of the audience who experience the same feelings. Although flawed, I think the movie does an excellent job of presenting the theme of human dignity through 22 because by traveling to the real world he/she gets a glimpse of humanity and quickly learns that there is much beauty in it. Furthermore, 22 learns that each human has its own innate value and personality which contributes greatly to the world. I am not sure whether or not Pixar realized the unmistakable pro-life message embedded in the movie (attitude-awareness), but it is evident. In this sense, the movie is very inspiring. The movie is well-balanced between creativity and impactful messages and themes.
Funky00Chunky Il y a 6 jours
This maybe made me sob 3 times. I can't quite explain why but that last train scene made me reflect so heavily and my eyes were watery up until the very end until the dam broke again.
Jose Crespo
Jose Crespo Il y a 7 jours
Yea I kinda didn’t understand it, maybe I gotta watch it again, but idk it didn’t really make me feel anything
Yeetimus Il y a 8 jours
I absolutely loved this movie even tho they had to show a lot of stuff in just about an hour and a half. Even if kids might not understand it as well it’s a treat for me
ashwood Il y a 8 jours
My problem with soul was that his whole life was supposed to be about music but like the soundtrack was an eh at best. His main melody that he plays when he's "in the zone" doesn't exactly come off as something with a jazz sound to it but he's supposed to be someone who's dedicated his entire life to that playstyle...? Idk it just doesn't make sense to me. The way he plays when he solos sounds almost more classical, which doesn't really fit. Plus, Disney has the potential for some absolutely stunning soundtracks, so why doesn't this movie have one? The Incredibles has more jazz playing in the background of the movie than Soul does. The movie has many good things going for it as pointed out here, but imo the fact that this whole guy's life is music and there's barely any memorable music playing just feels wrong.
Giel de Beer
Giel de Beer Il y a 8 jours
I realy liked the movie and I don't realy mind having a more open ended ending then usual, although I would've loved it if they went further with that kid Joe is teaching.
Alex Plays roblox
Alex Plays roblox Il y a 8 jours
And cry and I could not control my self ;-;
Alex Plays roblox
Alex Plays roblox Il y a 8 jours
It give me anxiety!!!!
Alex Plays roblox
Alex Plays roblox Il y a 8 jours
I hate the movie soul!!
Crazyman Il y a 7 jours
Max Watmough
Max Watmough Il y a 8 jours
Man, I loved this movie. All my problems are that I need more of the things it has
Isacho 20
Isacho 20 Il y a 9 jours
.honestly, the only thing i felt in the movie was the whole "why arent i satisfied" part. ya see, im a gamer, and i 100% botw, both normal and master mode back in 2020. when i finally collected that last korok seed, i thought i was going to be satisfied, then i felt sort of empty, like a "so, thats it?" empty. i wasnt satisfied, i wanted to keep going, but i couldnt because there is nothing left to do. i know it isnt the best comparison, but its one that i felt and thought it should be said
vnana Il y a 9 jours
i liked its conclusion a lot actually. it felt like the most satisfying way to end the movie while keeping the themes consistent
vnana Il y a 9 jours
personally, it’s ratatouille-level for me. each movie offers a completely different, yet wonderful experience
LOL Hachecorne
LOL Hachecorne Il y a 9 jours
i sobbed like a baby during this fucking movie it's my second favorite
slej slej
slej slej Il y a 10 jours
This movie has spoken to me in so many ways🥺🥺at a time when am battling depression and trying to find what I was actually made feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders..."My life is still meaningful because I am alive and I will enjoy every moment of it."🥺😭
Mel Chan
Mel Chan Il y a 10 jours
Okay why was Inside Out so underrated I don't understand it was SO GOOD?? And yeah this movie is far better than my expectation too
Wikan Saktianto
Wikan Saktianto Il y a 10 jours
Inside Out, Coco, and Soul are reminding me of Christmas Carol. Wow, we can make religion out of this
Stormmaster 7722
Stormmaster 7722 Il y a 11 jours
Soul is like a fusion of coco and inside out two of Pixar's best movies
andreggvil Il y a 11 jours
this movie's subversion of my expectations elevated it from a good movie to a truly outstanding one for me. i felt for 22, but what really hit home for me was joe's performance at the gig, and his "that's it?" moment. I've found myself in that position one too many times, and it's perhaps one of the most painfully relatable things, even more so than 22's apathy and inability to find anything to "live for". we often spend so long working towards one big goal and put said goal on such an idealized pedestal that when we get there, we not only become disappointed by the lack of fanfare and triumph, we end up losing our sense of direction. okay, so I've accomplished this big thing I've set years, decades, my whole life to doing - what now? that was such an unexpected, yet incredibly important depiction of one of the lesser-portrayed aspects of life, and of all places I would see this shown i never thought would have thought to find such a moment a pixar movie. pixar often finds a way to wrap up deep, emotional, human concepts and emotions into neat, beautiful packages, but for once the conclusion felt refreshingly open-ended, in large part due to the inclusion of this final message that made the whole film and its core message all-the-more poignant and worthy of reflection. soul is definitely a favorite from recent years, but personally I think it's becoming one of my favorite pixar movies of all time, too.
Sidök Il y a 11 jours
There are idiots who say this movie is racist because the voice of 22 is a white woman, and she goes into Joe’s body.
Adam Nielson
Adam Nielson Il y a 12 jours
I personally really liked the ending of Soul because I felt that it was vague on purpose. The way life is very vague, and uncertain is shown well through the ending, which doesn't explain everything. The movie doesn't have to say what happens after the story is resolved. It doesn't really matter what happens next, because it doesn't need to.
CREAPER Il y a 12 jours
take a shot whenever he says “intellectual”
너구리 Il y a 13 jours
The thing I took away from this movie is pretty simple, honestly. Just live.
Fabian Nuñes
Fabian Nuñes Il y a 13 jours
i like more inside out, soul is a existencialism solution easy
Jose Gamer
Jose Gamer Il y a 14 jours
you know what I want for Pixar’s 35th anniversary?, a Disney plus, a bug’s life anthology series and a wall e spin-off series
That’s Rough Buddy
That’s Rough Buddy Il y a 14 jours
I knew this was my favorite movie of 2020 when I wanted to watch it every weekend lol. That doesn’t happen a lot especially with the last movie Pixar came out with
Alec Watts
Alec Watts Il y a 14 jours
Everything that you described the ending didn't do for you, it did for me because I'm a jazz musician. So I was a very happy man :)
Sukosagi Il y a 15 jours
I have to strongly disagree with you soul is the ratatouille for people wbo are mentally ill and struggle with suicidal thoughts...and at least for me, it gave me tools and images that I could use to translate my feelings towards my own suicidal issues and struggling with BoderPolar disorder (borderline personality disorder and Bi Polar disorder)
Stiv64 Il y a 15 jours
I noticed right away that somehow Pixar Movies always go down the shitter once they transit to the next act. I've hadn't just a fight or flight response when I saw this switcheroo shit with the cat but I genuinely wanted to turn the movie off entirely.
Zachy Cruz
Zachy Cruz Il y a 15 jours
hot take but this is my third or second favorite pixar movie
Agustin Alfieri
Agustin Alfieri Il y a 16 jours
This movie really reminded me of the scene in ATLA where Iroh tells Zuko that "life happens where you are". And if something reminds me of ATLA, then it's definitely worth checking out.
Chronic Randomness
Chronic Randomness Il y a 16 jours
No twist villains!
Vectors drawings YT Ruiz
Vectors drawings YT Ruiz Il y a 16 jours
This movie is like a book that you need a lot or not so much to get, but the thing you get (the moral) is kinda stinky poopy, it’s just (live the life you’re living right now)
Arrash Il y a 16 jours
My favourite moment was when Terry captured the wrong person. I had to pause and laugh for 5 minutes straight
Krazi Shadowbear
Krazi Shadowbear Il y a 16 jours
Another reason it had to be so vague was to not upset the different views that people have on the meaning of life and the "purpose" of life. That would start a Twitter war or something.
Jordan Spencer
Jordan Spencer Il y a 16 jours
Have you seen osmosis Jones?
mr nobody
mr nobody Il y a 17 jours
I didn't want to be interested in the movie cuz of the ending dull
mr nobody
mr nobody Il y a 17 jours
There's no answers from the characters that beckon from the plot
Niklas P.
Niklas P. Il y a 17 jours
I love how pixar expands their topics into more difficult areas like death and the sense of life.
Mr. Bern
Mr. Bern Il y a 17 jours
This movie feels much more philosophical and intellectual like Schaff says, and I think that it not giving some sort of emotional devastation in the end is the point (even though I cried during the jazz montage). At least to me, what this movie is doing is... I guess being a wake up call for the viewer when it comes to how they see and live their life. So the fact that it inspires thought more than it causes emotion serves that purpose better. The ending is open ended with no defined resolution because that's life. Life has no script, no happy or sad endings because there's always something else after, and the only thing set in stone is the past. It's only true end is death. So to stay faithful to that truth, the movie had to end the way it did (or just let Joe die but I like that the seemingly all powerful cosmic entities decided to give them a chance because of what he managed and learned). The message I understood from this movie is life's a hell of a thing. Life is, just because you live it, sublime. And I adore it.
Fried Chicken Chesse Milo's
Fried Chicken Chesse Milo's Il y a 18 jours
Finally a video without a "funding for" in the beginning
Jonas Halaja
Jonas Halaja Il y a 18 jours
Back in the 90s
Popplio 3323
Popplio 3323 Il y a 18 jours
I finished this today and this was so good. Made me feel.
Naomi and other fictional characters
Naomi and other fictional characters Il y a 18 jours
The stuff in the soul world felt like an art project. The fun shapes and colors where amazing, I really enjoyed all the Jerry’s too. This film is an abstract art project and I love it!
Connor Pexa
Connor Pexa Il y a 19 jours
this movie is like vienna by billy joel
Billy McGee
Billy McGee Il y a 20 jours
Soul was super boring and I couldn't follow it at all.
Imani Islander
Imani Islander Il y a 20 jours
Ok it is a kid's movie wondering what you will do in life is a problem that kids face and worrying about it and failing to achieve it is some thing kids go through, i know this cause i was a kid and worried about this too
SilentMassacre64 Il y a 20 jours
I honestly wouldn't say no to a Soul anthology series about other souls and what they go through in both their lives and their afters.
Kyle Fear
Kyle Fear Il y a 21 jour
Just finished watching this. In all the years watching films I’ve never actually gotten as emotional as I have done here. I think it’s just the literally the best message I could be given at the point of life im at during this time. I can relate to this Pixar film more than any others that have come before it. I’m so glad I’ve watched this film
Tric Bros Studios
Tric Bros Studios Il y a 22 jours
Alright, next is Reality, Power, and Time.
Leon Terruzzi
Leon Terruzzi Il y a 22 jours
Soul is good, just shouldn't be for kids, i mean, it has a lot of possitibe aspects but it is to fast and kids can't understand the movie, but its a great movie for adults
M644theawesome Il y a 22 jours
I kinda am a bit late but i have seen a few other reviews of Soul and i somewhat agree with what i have seen, it is a good movie, but, i kinda do agree with some saying that *spoilers for the end* He should have died at the end, it would have made it more powerful in some ways, but i do understand why they didn't do that for the ending
Charles Castle
Charles Castle Il y a 22 jours
Uh oh, 22 was born in China. Sure hope she isn't born female or else she'll have to start the whole process all over again.
Flamer Dasher
Flamer Dasher Il y a 22 jours
When you have no health insurance 2:00
carlotta4th Il y a 23 jours
Congrats on the mil! It's because of your thoughtful reviews, funny inserts, and extensive editing. =D Well deserved.
마리모 Il y a 23 jours
I think YMS really missed the point of this film. But really only thing I didn’t like about it was the theme of music. It just comes across as being very clique. Then again the end credits having a rap instead of a jazz piece didn’t make any sense to me.. still really enjoyed this movie
The Gaming Squad J
The Gaming Squad J Il y a 23 jours
of course its good
kris Il y a 23 jours
Why does he look like Big Smoke
M A D Il y a 23 jours
Everyone listen closely, if you follow me we can get to the shelter in time
Sequel trilogy Sucks
Sequel trilogy Sucks Il y a 24 jours
Can u do a video about why the kung fu panda trilogy is great ?
REANU KEEVES Il y a 24 jours
can someone just tell me if its good or nah without spoiling it to me
REANU KEEVES Il y a 22 jours
@toothlessblue thank you
toothlessblue Il y a 22 jours
yeah it's good
blushiiangel Il y a 24 jours
I loved this movie I’m dealing with a lot and after watching it it just made me appreciate just being here I love the message and it was an amazing and beautiful movie
OberK Il y a 24 jours
Personally this hit me much harder, on a much deeper and more personal level. Coco and Inside Out were tear jerkers that made me go "Yes, this is what future generations need to see, this is a good lesson for all". But Soul hit me... Well, right in my soul. I related to it and it touched me on an existential level. But I'm very glad I watched it now and get to enjoy all my favourite analysis youtubers having covered it.
valdamaer Il y a 24 jours
are there spoilers in this?
Midnite Jones
Midnite Jones Il y a 24 jours
22's pronouns should be they/them, shouldn't they?
Leonardo Hernández
Leonardo Hernández Il y a 23 jours
Matthew Masucci
Matthew Masucci Il y a 24 jours
Inside Out is about emotions. Coco is about death. Soul is about life. Life is open-ended, so I feel the vague ending fits perfectly. Believe me, I've watched it a few times and it just gets better and better.
sunny boi
sunny boi Il y a 25 jours
Who's joe?
J-Leaf Il y a 25 jours
So soon? DUDE IT'S BEEN 5 YEARS. The f**k you mean soon!?
Meiji Il y a 25 jours
Wait... Did people not like Onward?
Ollie McDowell
Ollie McDowell Il y a 24 jours
i enjoyed it but it falls in the lower tier of pixar movies
nick1998no1 Il y a 26 jours
This movie gives the message of success is the ultimate failure, you do everything you can, push everyone away and finally reach success just to realise nothing actually changed, you have new opportunities new items but you still feel the same as when you didn't
Z Z Il y a 26 jours
I love Ratatouille, but films like this offer simple solutions, ideal for kids. Follow your dreams, work hard and you will always be successful. I was also fed this philosophy in my formative years like most of you here, perhaps that's why "Million dollar baby" (spoilers) shocked me at first viewing. Clint Eastwood knew we expect Hilary Swank's character to be the female Rocky and he ruthlesssly subverted those expectations. A twist of fate may sudenly bury all your well laid-out plans no matter how hard you work and how motivated you are. "Soul" is more subtle than "wish upon a star" films. And you know what? Maybe that's good that it's not in the cinema, so no parent can complain that their kiddo fell asleep watching it and didn't understand most of it.
Gary Tejada
Gary Tejada Il y a 26 jours
Soul is the best pixar film imo
mAcroFaze Il y a 26 jours
I kept on thinking that Joe would discover that his spark could change upon realising it isn't set in stone, and that mentoring 22, alongside the odd scene with Connie (the trombonist), would make him realise that revealing to others what their passion in life might be would become his new spark. This would then result in him taking the permanent time position as a school teacher, but this time with a wholesome and newfound excitement to it.
CC Gaming 55
CC Gaming 55 Il y a 26 jours
I just got done watching it and absolutely love it! Its been years since ive cried to a movie
Senora Horror
Senora Horror Il y a 27 jours
Gonna be honest I feel like the whole " not diving into Joe's past" thing was probably a bit more intentional than not The movie focuses more on the "being present" or "just living" aspect of life not on being special, following your dreams, or being someone "great" (right?) Throughout the movie there are a miniscule amount of mentions about Joe's past (One thing that stands out in particular to me is this "Lisa" that is mentioned a maximum of two times that was a topic Joe avoided) And I feel like because of the movies message/theme this was a subtle way of saying how that the past is the past and it should remain that way All that matters is now Too often we, as both an audience and as human beings, allow our memories of the past to get to us We dwell on the bad things that have happened to us and because of that we fail to see not the future but the present Joe and 22's pasts don't really play a huge part in this movie in fact I don't think it necessarily impacted ANYTHING in the movie or the direction of the story I say this because at the climax of the movie when 22 became a "lost soul" we see all of the comments from her former mentors affecting her because she feels like she has no purpose or no reason to live but it is a scene that only lasts for a minute or two And Joe's past BARELY comes into play at all I'm not sure there was really a moment where it was actually important (unless you count the emotional piano scene or the flashback to when he fell in love with jazz) If you were to take out all of the direct mentions of Joe's past (like mentions of Lisa or failed gigs so I'm talking DIRECT not including how his love for jazz started) the direction of the whole movie wouldn't really change that much at all While I agree that more about Joe's past might have added more to the overall story I don't think it would have been as meaningful if it was added in and it probably would have fogged up the lesson being taught The movie is trying to say that there isn't anything that makes life worth living in particular that being alive is enough right? So why would it dive into a characters past when the whole point is for that character to learn that life is what you make of it That life is for living and you should take the time to enjoy where you're at now instead of jumping from one thing to the other trying to find a "purpose" I feel like it also added more meaning to the piano scene If those moments had been talked about (or hinted at) more throughout the movie then the emotional impact wouldn't have been as meaningful as it was If you have managed to make it this far CONGRATULATIONS here's a cookie 🍪 Please tell me what you think These are just my thoughts and they just a jumble of a mess XP I'm not sure where I was going really but any criticism or thoughts would be interesting to hear!
The Nailsmith
The Nailsmith Il y a 27 jours
This is probably my favorite Pixar movie
Yokai Disorder
Yokai Disorder Il y a 27 jours
Oh my gosh, his 1 million special is a full analysis of Shiny, I'm sure of it.
KmiiVC Il y a 27 jours
oh boy i wanted to like this movie more than i actually did
Shadow Soul059
Shadow Soul059 Il y a 28 jours
1,000,000 subscriber special. Will we finally get the 1 hour long discussion and breakdown of "Shiny?"
The Cube
The Cube Il y a 28 jours
Excuse me did I just hear Kirby's epic yarn background music
Nick PS
Nick PS Il y a 28 jours
This movie hit me like a truck, and I am proudly scoring it as a definite 10/10 for me. I found it even better than Inside Out, which is emotional, but GODDAMN Soul had so many little details in so little time that I actually cried watching this (consider this as a "this movie is one of the best for me of all time", bc I hardly cry doing so). Joe's realization scene was *at least* PHENOMENAL, and I felt every fucking second of it like I never felt before watching something like this. And the animation was DELICIOUSLY EYE PLEASANT. OMFG I've seen wonderfully done animations, but this? This is *indescribably* MAGNIFICENT. What stood out the most for me was the carefully picked color scheme of every 👏 single 👏 scene, even the all grayish library scene when Terry was looking for Joe's files. And also the souls design, which was inspired by aerogel. Cute af. Just perfect. The interaction between the characters was extremely organic and well made, and they were charismatic af, and Joe himself. Ugh, just AMAZINGLY done. 10/10
KNITEOWL C6 Il y a 28 jours
eight216 Il y a 28 jours
Honestly i really thought he was going to decide that teaching was his passion and take the job offer in order to inspire more young folks to find their passions. Edit- Well actually, i thought that, due to the way the music always seems to drop or be discordiant or have some subtle notes of almost bitterness in it he was actually going to die at the end and i was ready for that ending. Then the second chance bit kinda cheapened it. If they're going to bring the guy back though it might be nice to have some idea how his story continues though.
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