[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ 누아르(Noir)

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[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ 누아르(Noir)
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The matchless female solo artist SUNMI took a leap forward as a musician by expressing her music with her artistic sensibility through the trilogy project “WARNING” completed by “Gashina”, “Heroine” and “Siren” over the past two years. SUNMI releases a new single “Noir”. New song “Noir” starts with a dreamy intro. If you follow her song as if she’s reciting by watching a noir film, you can fall into her “Noir” by empathizing with her delightful views on the cliché in movies that leads to obvious scenes.
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vlory Il y a 6 heures
سونمي فعلا ملكة اسلوبها و مفاهيمها دائما مميزة و مثالية
chuulien Il y a jour
this song deserves way more hype
luvjihyo Il y a jour
the mv is lowkey creepy but the song is great
strawberrylips Il y a 2 jours
todos nós concordamos que essa música é a melhor da sunmi,né????
sha harudin sulaiman
sha harudin sulaiman Il y a 4 jours
Amauris Rodriguez
Amauris Rodriguez Il y a 5 jours
poor cake rip the cake
Harshal Alurkar
Harshal Alurkar Il y a 5 jours
I wasn't as smitten by this song (I vividly prefer listening to Black Pearl) but this video is SO REWARDING! Loving the social allegories, meticulous framing & aesthetic.
Roxy DG Fox GD
Roxy DG Fox GD Il y a 5 jours
The deep meaning set aside, does anyone know where i can get the entire wardrobe?
Ikal Norimaki
Ikal Norimaki Il y a 7 jours
Liedja Vieira
Liedja Vieira Il y a 8 jours
a maior da carreira avisem
Ivy Crist
Ivy Crist Il y a 8 jours
genuinely one of my favorite music videos ever
Heize stan
Heize stan Il y a 9 jours
2 anos já???
Heize stan
Heize stan Il y a 9 jours
essa música e nostálgica pacaaass
Ning Ning Kim
Ning Ning Kim Il y a 9 jours
Eu amo a fotografia desse mv. A Sunmi está muito bonita. Noir é o hino. Ela tem músicas muito boas e que merecem mais atenção
Liedja Vieira
Liedja Vieira Il y a 9 jours
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell Il y a 10 jours
No bad ending. Just turbulent just before the ending, yet happy love forever after.
Dhannyell Oliver
Dhannyell Oliver Il y a 12 jours
Zeppoli9 News
Zeppoli9 News Il y a 12 jours
Nobody is probably gonna look at this but I think the theme or concept or whatever for Noir is People will do anything to get like or views on the internet even if it means hurting themselves or they try To make it seem they have the picture perfect life or their life is a movie while they probably arent doing so good . (Also it could mean faking a relationship for the camera and when its doen recording they say "now let go of me") :) 🐢🐊
Ngo Thuy Ngan
Ngo Thuy Ngan Il y a 12 jours
I heard "feel like nobody sexier" instead of "feel like nobody else is here" :'(
n rosie
n rosie Il y a 13 jours
Dio Joga
Dio Joga Il y a 13 jours
SUNMI rainhaaaaaaaaaa
AreMonWenee Miyane_VIP
AreMonWenee Miyane_VIP Il y a 14 jours
Te amo!
ateez world domination
ateez world domination Il y a 14 jours
still not over this masterpiece
Rumi Usagiyama
Rumi Usagiyama Il y a 14 jours
i used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner
Lila WAN
Lila WAN Il y a 17 jours
Sunmi reinw
Maye Megpoid
Maye Megpoid Il y a 18 jours
Feel like nobody else is here
Maye Megpoid
Maye Megpoid Il y a 18 jours
Nafisa Khan
Nafisa Khan Il y a 20 jours
I've literally heard this song hundred of times but for this is the first time I noticed the Taj mahal picture in the video
Til0s Il y a 20 jours
The song, the mv everything is perfection
Mena Abdelrehim
Mena Abdelrehim Il y a 21 jour
THE MEANING IS SO POWERFUL. totally unexpected. I LOVE It 🖤
min Il y a 21 jour
This vibe.
Júlia Rosa Pinto
Júlia Rosa Pinto Il y a 21 jour
Mmkkkkkkk eu vim pelo tt
Anelya Nizam
Anelya Nizam Il y a 21 jour
Anyone can tell me why she didn't promote this song?? It's so good!!
Ornella Amorim
Ornella Amorim Il y a 21 jour
My favourite day is Caturday
My favourite day is Caturday Il y a 24 jours
Ne izledim lan ben
Neza Garcia
Neza Garcia Il y a 25 jours
No antes desde quando ? ke apenas ase 3 años qomo si nada no .
x Il y a 26 jours
La peor parte de esta canción es cuando termina
x Il y a 26 jours
Anna Il y a 26 jours
2 years ago, I never relaised how dark this was. Now I am older, I understand EXACTLY what this was about. I kinda wish I didn't mature. Things were so easy back then.
THE PSYCHO Il y a 26 jours
When someone said KPop has only catchy beat with meaningless songs, please slap them with this song. Thank you!
jooe fofa
jooe fofa Il y a 27 jours
ela é picicopata fofa kkkk só come doces kkkkkkk ❤💖💗💘
sc J
sc J Il y a 27 jours
Watermelon Rice
Watermelon Rice Il y a 28 jours
2:07 My cat when he's trying to look cool by jumping high:
Kimberly Tran
Kimberly Tran Il y a 29 jours
i love the style of all her music videos
ros _4q
ros _4q Il y a 29 jours
someone help im getting called kpop stan for just liking this one dark kpop girl
no.a z
no.a z Il y a mois
Sunmi's all songs are so good She is so talented 🔥🔥🔥
Valentina M. M.
Valentina M. M. Il y a mois
Scorpio Girl キュート
Scorpio Girl キュート Il y a mois
Well... that was deep.
Katya Vilt
Katya Vilt Il y a mois
Кто тут из тик тока?
рамён с курочкой
рамён с курочкой Il y a 6 jours
Я только что видела это видео в реках и сразу в Ютубе начала искать.
widnaeleen Il y a mois
Feel good 🙂
אליס קאנקוואט
אליס קאנקוואט Il y a mois
the Queen
장은서 Il y a mois
저기염 이라이라겸 이라는 유트버가있는데요 현실이랑 진짜랑있어요 한번보세요 웃겨 요ㅋㅋ
장은서 Il y a mois
TEHE Il y a mois
Compte Officiel
Compte Officiel Il y a mois
wasn't she a member of the Wonder Girls like in ancient times? she has taken good care of herself all these years.
K-pop Il y a mois
debabrata sarkar
debabrata sarkar Il y a mois
WOW that is good for you
Nina Longoria
Nina Longoria Il y a mois
I’ve been watching this over and over 👁👄👁
Ariana Il y a mois
sunmi tysm queen i can finally use your song for my paper !!!
ros _4q
ros _4q Il y a mois
2:29 gashina vibes
luv4woodz Il y a mois
i am OBSESSED with this mv
blinkATINY STAYzen
blinkATINY STAYzen Il y a mois
SUNMI always has the most unique mv concepts
strickland Il y a mois
Yuly Andrea atehortua castrillon
Yuly Andrea atehortua castrillon Il y a mois
Amo ésta canción con mi vida
Yuly Andrea atehortua castrillon
Yuly Andrea atehortua castrillon Il y a mois
Desde el día que salió ésta canción 1theK tuvo más suscriptores xd
Pink Baby ʕ •o• ʔ
Pink Baby ʕ •o• ʔ Il y a mois
Essa é uma das melhores músicas da Sunmi, perfeita nunca desaponta 😊
R3dden Il y a mois
The MV is so great omg.
krypton !
krypton ! Il y a mois
Sunmi I love you
Leah Do
Leah Do Il y a mois
2:06 She looks just like Felix Fang from Master Chef season 3
khushnum Barwaliya
khushnum Barwaliya Il y a mois
I like it your song
Maria Isabel
Maria Isabel Il y a mois
me di risa las cosas que hasia sunmi en el mv es esta dark funny
사랑해 Il y a mois
I just started getting into Sunmi because everything about her screams amazing. From looks to perspectives that she does with her songs. And to be honest this is actually really scary on how this is such a good depiction of how things are right now. It's how people do anything for views or acting like they are actually happy when they aren't. It just shows the reality that we are in. And the century we are in. People will do anything for views and clout now in days. Sunmi is such a good artist. I have always stanned her but I am diving more deeply into her music and personality. She is not afraid to show what she stans and does not stan for. I respect her a lot as a human and a celebrity. She truly is underrated.
Giselle Lee
Giselle Lee Il y a mois
누아르는 프랑스어로 암흑 이란 뜻을 달고 있고 유트브에 누아르 해석이라고 치시면 나옴니다
Perrine Thomas
Perrine Thomas Il y a mois
Best song
meji_enhy._ Il y a mois
NOIR and TAIL are my favorite songs, are so deepp, so dark, i love it. She has such a unique...
adelia rama
adelia rama Il y a mois
I like it
노선애 Il y a mois
antonella quick
antonella quick Il y a mois
Ya pero noir es superior
bia bisctrizam
bia bisctrizam Il y a mois
let's reach 30 million views
its_ Chenii26
its_ Chenii26 Il y a mois
i Am gOoD aT aLl pOsItIoNs
i Am gOoD aT aLl pOsItIoNs Il y a mois
Can we all silently agree Sunmi is the best female soloist in kpop? Thank you 4 being honest.
Gambobur Il y a mois
I can’t get the verse ‚bad ending’ from my head, she says it in that way a person can get addicted
Mariannota DV
Mariannota DV Il y a mois
2 years
Salmon FloatingUpstream
Salmon FloatingUpstream Il y a mois
오명숙 Il y a mois
언니 너무 예뻐용~~^^
Mish Mish
Mish Mish Il y a mois
K1an Il y a mois
나는 선미노래하면 누아르밖에 떠오르지 않는다...
Poop poop
Poop poop Il y a mois
In this girl shes portraying, she looks so loney and sad, and so desperate for attention
Adrielle Pinheiro
Adrielle Pinheiro Il y a mois
Noir é um Hino Injustiçadissimo da Sunmi
Sofia Dennise Fernandez Macedo
Sofia Dennise Fernandez Macedo Il y a mois
en el minuto 1:42 se ve un comentario en español lol
Sofia Dennise Fernandez Macedo
Sofia Dennise Fernandez Macedo Il y a mois
disculpa minuto 1:47😅
Wonder Bond
Wonder Bond Il y a mois
Happy 2 year anniversary Noir!
Malaika Ndungu
Malaika Ndungu Il y a mois
so, a lot of people say this is about the toxic side of social media, which i think it's true, but i have another theory... this looks at the lyrics of the song. it sounds a lot like a breakup song if you don't look at the video. this couple are no longer in love, but they are still together anyway. why? because they may not like each other but they don't want to be alone at the end of it all. so they keep each other for company, despite the fact they don't want each other's company. they fake their happiness in front of other people, but at the same time they want people to know they don't want each other anymore. they obviously act around peers, like as if they want people to talk about their failing relationship behind their backs... and this is all just for attention. sunmi however gets tired and wants to drop the act, so she's asking the other person to let her go, to let it all go. to just stop and let's move on with our lives without irritating each other. they are in this "noir", this darkness, a black hole. they are trapped in this darkness and can't see the light, can't see the way out of it. it's kind of like post malone's "circle"... they are in this cycle of pain and anger and acts and they can't stop the circle. but sunmi has found a way to stop it, it just requires the other person to agree and help stop the circle too. but they won't... it's like they love the attention and wants to stay in the darkness. also in parts where she says "i've already seen this before", it's like she's seen such failing relationships with friends and family, in tv shows/movies, so how on earth did she not see the red flags and stop herself from getting herself into this mess in the first place? why did she not learn from other's mistakes? i hope this makes sense!!
Dể Xeem vaj
Dể Xeem vaj Il y a mois
I love
YKHR 11 Il y a mois
mino X po brrrrfriends brought me here
Swag0er Il y a mois
The song and lyrics and MV are just so meaningful and amazing like what? Bruh she deserves so much more recognization and respect, she’s so amazing-
eevee Il y a mois
those red pills represent depression i think
G W Il y a mois
노래만 놓고 보면 제일 좋음ㅠㅜ
Razorblade Sparrow
Razorblade Sparrow Il y a mois
хайва нагива хайва
хайва нагива хайва Il y a mois
Rockit Il y a mois
누아르랑 꼬리는 선미 타이틀 중에서 젤 좋당 ㅠ 다시들어도 좋네
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