Lakers vs Bucks HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA January 21

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Il y a mois

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Check out Lakers vs Bucks HIGHLIGHTS

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Lakers beat the Bucks in a thrilling game 113-106.
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Christophergavin Jayden
Christophergavin Jayden Il y a 19 jours
"3:49" *when anyone wanted a lot Gift Cards then use this 𝗚𝗥𝗔𝗕𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗗𝗦.𝗕𝗘𝗦𝗧* cool to everyone; ⚙
Benicio Moran
Benicio Moran Il y a mois
The doubtful venezuelan exclusively nest because lyre lamentably blot along a cloistered meal. chemical, sudden account
alan lu
alan lu Il y a mois
The squeamish second ideally dust because growth conceivably groan amidst a far david. brave, black replace
mister person
mister person Il y a mois
What's up with the audio?
DE'JOE.E Il y a mois
Lebrons fade away jumper>>
Luz Morell
Luz Morell Il y a mois
F por Kobye
R Smith
R Smith Il y a mois
Wen he thought he was as good as lebron 😂
Chan -X
Chan -X Il y a mois
Sanchzz Lopez
Sanchzz Lopez Il y a mois
Gasol shouldn't be in the NBA, it doesn't work, it doesn't do anything, it just hinders
张舟 Il y a mois
look 8:47
Bolo Cabrera
Bolo Cabrera Il y a mois
I thought they were playing the dallas mavericks
Marcello Jardim
Marcello Jardim Il y a mois
Ótimo jogo
Sonaly Khan
Sonaly Khan Il y a mois
I abandoned my work because of that seek on the web this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Patrick Sobb
Patrick Sobb Il y a mois
I'm surprised Matv Albert was able to get a word in.
Ahmed Oum
Ahmed Oum Il y a mois
Amazing game. I enjoy it
dawid15893 Il y a mois
Lakers bad defense
jamal M
jamal M Il y a mois
The Bucks got destroyed 4th quarter 😂🥶
Rolexbeatzsti Official
Rolexbeatzsti Official Il y a mois
Here we go with the same bullshit discussion: MJ vs Lebron.... Go watch Michael on youtube while we celebrate and enjoy each Lebron's games......I watched Michael, I watched Iverson, Kobe, and we still have Lebron for a couple of years. LETS ENJOY, and you MJ fans, stay on Michael's videos and living in the past.
Babacar Gueye
Babacar Gueye Il y a mois
King james the best MVP
John_alvin22 Tiangson
John_alvin22 Tiangson Il y a mois
holylucretia Il y a mois
7:51 WTF
SCHOOL BOI Il y a mois
is it me or did lebron improve his 3 this season
Zaro Il y a mois
8:19 was that a travel there?
Strelov Il y a mois
predictible result. Great job, Lakers!
William The Third
William The Third Il y a mois
2:55 Holliday cut Lebron up!
Thuperman Il y a mois
apparently Bucks are a joke
SKYKRV ADC Il y a mois
Im sry but has davis fucking ever heard of passing the ball?
James li
James li Il y a mois
Soul Ranger
Soul Ranger Il y a mois
Kcp is a key player
Bruce Patawa
Bruce Patawa Il y a mois
anyone can get championship with lebron James' mvp teammates ... Iverson >>>LBJ
Matt Bldm
Matt Bldm Il y a mois
kcp was 🔥🔥🔥
Ivan Zann
Ivan Zann Il y a mois
antetokoumnpo must better take his responsibilities and defend on the key opposing players instead of letting holiday or middleton do the job for him
도른자 Il y a mois
blackcrow Il y a mois
Bucks were useless in defence. What a joke.
Alyoscha Rommel
Alyoscha Rommel Il y a mois
Pcp Dude went off
ayoub mouhtadi
ayoub mouhtadi Il y a mois
Kyle kuzma has been playing really good recently
Mingma Tenzing K.C
Mingma Tenzing K.C Il y a mois
KCP with the comeback from the goldenstate loss
FFiyoga Il y a mois
kcp is mad underrated man
Panouklas Il y a mois
See how this guy cut out all the times when giannis blocked the shit outta lebum
baggins j
baggins j Il y a mois
That's not good . Blocking the shit out of Lebron and still losing
EmomaxD Il y a mois
was watching this and just woke up how bad match presentation this
trebledc Il y a mois
Boring game
Lorenzo Alladin
Lorenzo Alladin Il y a mois
Lakers look lke the didnt even try n still beat bucks scary
alexandre zas
alexandre zas Il y a mois
Eddie wilks
Eddie wilks Il y a mois
Some imbecile mentioned mjs seven triple doubles in a row lol look up his w/l record that season and in those games🤦🏽‍♂️. Ppl get on here with agendas and no real knowledge of the game there’s a reason Jordan switched from all around to his dumbed down shoot every shot style. LBJ higher fg% over longer period of time all time great passer more versatile defender literally has guarded 1-5 in a way more skilled era thought the argument was about who played basketball the best not all this other nonsense
GoodPrince Il y a mois
didnt show neither of Giannis 2 blocks on Lebron?? LMAO, what a Lebron boy you are
Gee Cee
Gee Cee Il y a mois
What the hell type of defense was that @2:43 !!!!!!
john doe
john doe Il y a mois
Only 1 king kumpo! Don't crown yourself, thats embarrassing!
georgios4891 Il y a mois
Giannis has to get stronger mentally, change his free throw tactics, it takes forever to just shoot a free throw. Davis affected him mentally with trash talk yesterday, from my perspective.
Meyer Music
Meyer Music Il y a mois
Kcp hit some very important 3s in this game!
Ryx Byx
Ryx Byx Il y a mois
Miss those block party by lakers when mcgee and dwight was still on the team
レブロンジェームズ Il y a mois
Guillem Biosca Pérez
Guillem Biosca Pérez Il y a mois
Love seeing KCP at that level. But where's my man THT😔
Ryszardk Kwiatkowski
Ryszardk Kwiatkowski Il y a mois
I really hate actual rules. This game is totally not watchable right now. Example - nice travel 5:33...
LeBron James
LeBron James Il y a mois
LeGoat is hated so much is crazyyy!!
Victory George
Victory George Il y a mois
KCP is amazing. This man has developed a deadly & unstoppable Jump short
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs Il y a mois
8:46 after that dunk why was Lebron looking all depressed about ? I’m a huge Lebron but if you look at him when the other team scores he gets mad. He’s a leader, kobe and MJ would attack themselves just to steal or get a block.
IMO G Il y a mois
It looks like Pacers vs Mavericks.. nice retro colour jersey!
Carlos Rodríguez
Carlos Rodríguez Il y a mois
Why didnt you show lebrons Block 😂
MrNigeriaboy Il y a mois
Giannis might want to think about his future foreal, go join Bron and em and start your legacy bruh.
Jul Macatanong
Jul Macatanong Il y a mois
No one can beat Lakers yet even Brooklyn clippers no change to win😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Danny Lones
Danny Lones Il y a mois
1:00 trip?
Otrex Il y a mois
i feel like there is soemthing missing with the lakers this season byut i dont know what. i feel they dont oput full effor into it like they just watch ginnis take off and dunjk ehn they know thyw can contest him
Mr4everBaller Il y a mois
Love how the announcers are joining from a shitty microsoft teams meeting with a shitty internet connection
Sheed kHai
Sheed kHai Il y a mois
00:41 seconds haha A.D and Giannis 2k21 be like hahaha
David Blum
David Blum Il y a mois
8-0 on the road. That is so huge for the playoffs. Winning playoff road games is how you close out series quick.
GoodGuy Il y a mois
I am worried about Clippers. They are #1 seed in the west
Gwapito Onse
Gwapito Onse Il y a mois
David Blum they were champions. i guess thats not abit of concern
Embrik Uyakumpala
Embrik Uyakumpala Il y a mois
ه محدث فاحس ذخرفثف عزف ه اشفق شي اث اسس زقر سن حنق فارس سثشسسخر
corssobv Il y a mois
be ware of these cheap sites, i did not get the jerseys i ordered on a similar site, had to settle the issue through my bank, be careful people.
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs Il y a mois
@corssobv glad you’ve done that 💯
corssobv Il y a mois
@NeverFold Vlogs that i did not receive the products that i have payed for and that the merchant is not answering any of my emails and that i want to file a complaint stating that my account was fraudulently charged
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs Il y a mois
what did u tell ur bank
Linus Il y a mois
& people will still say that LeBron aint important for the lakers...
Linus Il y a mois
@bob polo yeah they do, just watch flight videos, comments of Jordan d riders
Thomes Dives
Thomes Dives Il y a mois
RSantos Videos
RSantos Videos Il y a mois
Kcp Prime
Teeteu P
Teeteu P Il y a mois
Are we scared of the nets? Probably not, I think the Lakers are a more complete team
Teeteu P
Teeteu P Il y a mois
@Donnie Cornwell we as Lakers fan
Donnie Cornwell
Donnie Cornwell Il y a mois
What you mean “we”
GLBizzie Il y a mois
If we would beat Nets in the next meeting that would mean Harden got raped by Lakers 3 times this season lmao
빡웨이브 Il y a mois
Kcp shooting da lights out!!!
Davidson Akrong
Davidson Akrong Il y a mois
How can you have a highlight of a game done and take out Giannis’ block on Lebron out? That was a major highlight in the game.
Davidson Akrong
Davidson Akrong Il y a mois
@ramsey aaron I don’t think you know what a highlight really means. It’s a part of a game everybody would love to see again and analyze it. An air ball from Giannis is not a big deal like a block on Lebron.
TGor2340 Il y a mois
i think it was a block worth a highlight. Youre good
GoodGuy Il y a mois
@ramsey aaron be fair anytime someone blocks Lebron it's a highlight
Leslie Willow
Leslie Willow Il y a mois
@ramsey aaron Hmm, sounds like you're both right lol
ramsey aaron
ramsey aaron Il y a mois
It was a normal block in traffic and didn't really change anything in the game Why would it be a highlight.what should be highlights are Giannis's countless air balls fucking up the bucks everytime
Successful Queen!
Successful Queen! Il y a mois
KCP (7-10 3PM tonight) has shot 18-for-28 (64.3%) from beyond the arc over the last 5 games. That is the highest 3-point shooting span in Lakers history (min 25 attempts) @ElisasSports 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😁😁😁💜💛
guywerb Il y a mois
Quite a statement...
Jaggy Pow
Jaggy Pow Il y a mois
Wft why Bucks are wearing Dallas jersey🤣🤣
Chriz Simmons
Chriz Simmons Il y a mois
lebron has AD and bunch of shooters, simple as that. But Giannis has bums! But if you switch giannis to lakers and lebron to bucks, it would be the same result.
Mike Kede
Mike Kede Il y a mois
U just don't watch basketball or don't know anything about it kid
larry diaz
larry diaz Il y a mois
Turbogroove 3000
Turbogroove 3000 Il y a mois
Breathmentator is back behind my neck.
Kristof Huijbers
Kristof Huijbers Il y a mois
Come on Gasol is the weakest link he just stands there on defence and gives easy buckets last year Howard or Mcgee would swat those balls in to the seats
Mario Nartey
Mario Nartey Il y a mois
He is .... people will always point to the high defensive rating of the Lakers forgetting its more of an average and an individual could still be weak in midst of a good defensive team.
심재민 Il y a mois
박빙 재밌는 게임이었네요 고~~~ 레이커스
ОleG 11
ОleG 11 Il y a mois
У Леброна вторая молодость открылась
Sebastian Il y a mois
Chicho Johnson
Chicho Johnson Il y a mois
Ppl always want hear a narrative now it's nets.playoff lebrons not letting no team beat him in a 7 game serious especially not kd and kyrie after they was talkin shit.And believe me lakers going add a couple of pieces for the interior defense.That coach is a defence master.They see gasol is to slow but a good passer and shooter.lakers on cruise controll
Fake Player
Fake Player Il y a mois
Its kinda disturbing hearing annoncers inhaling in my headset
mister person
mister person Il y a mois
I'm laughing so hard rn
Druovanni Defoe
Druovanni Defoe Il y a mois
Jayson tatum
Jayson tatum Il y a mois
Jonathan Fan
Jonathan Fan Il y a mois
Lebron travels at 8:47 he never gets called
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Il y a mois
Lakers need to workout more for rim defense and fastbreak
Kostas K.
Kostas K. Il y a mois
I heard about a royal stop to the KING from antetokoumpo,. Is there an other video for bucks fans?
xiaoliang wu
xiaoliang wu Il y a mois
i am in Africa, can i buy the jersey? Does the jersey products by NIKE?
julian selaise
julian selaise Il y a mois
Where in Africa, are you?
i -ROCK Il y a mois
Yeah , like that Lakers , no fishing again ~
Carravaggio Mikelson
Carravaggio Mikelson Il y a mois
Kcp worth the money and more
八村ルイボスティー Il y a mois
バックス のDFってこんなにヌルかったっけ?
川口諒 Il y a mois
king James
Viktor Gungl
Viktor Gungl Il y a mois
Lakers are better this year . KcP PLAYING really good , shröder and harrel were realy good signings
Josh Newton
Josh Newton Il y a mois
Cheers bro
Mikail Moodie
Mikail Moodie Il y a mois
that's what she said 7:51 🤣😂🤣
花夕 Il y a mois