Garry Kasparov's Immortal Game

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#agadmator Garry Kasparov:
If Topalov had not taken the Rook, the game could have finished in a draw: Veselin would have had half a point more, I - half a point less. He would have win a little bit, I would have lost a little bit, but chess and chess amateurs would have lost a lot. However, Caissa was kind to me that day.. . I do not know what I was rewarded for, but the development of events became forced after the capture on d4.
Garry Kasparov vs Veselin Topalov
"Kasparov's Immortal"
It (cat.17), Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands) (1999), Wijk aan Zee NED, rd 4, Jan-20
Pirc Defense: General (B06)
1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 g6 4. Be3 Bg7 5. Qd2 c6 6. f3 b5 7. Nge2 Nbd7 8. Bh6 Bh6 9. Qh6 Bb7 10. a3 e5 11. O-O-O Qe7 12. Kb1 a6 13. Nc1 O-O-O 14. Nb3 ed4 15. Rd4 c5 16. Rd1 Nb6 17. g3 Kb8 18. Na5 Ba8 19. Bh3 d5 20. Qf4 Ka7 21. Rhe1 d4 22. Nd5 Nbd5 23. ed5 Qd6 24. Rd4 cd4 25. Re7 Kb6 26. Qd4 Ka5 27. b4 Ka4 28. Qc3 Qd5 29. Ra7 Bb7 30. Rb7 Qc4 31. Qf6 Ka3 32. Qa6 Kb4 33. c3 Kc3 34. Qa1 Kd2 35. Qb2 Kd1 36. Bf1 Rd2 37. Rd7 Rd7 38. Bc4 bc4 39. Qh8 Rd3 40. Qa8 c3 41. Qa4 Ke1 42. f4 f5 43. Kc1 Rd2 44. Qa7
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Chi Chi
Chi Chi Il y a 3 heures
Alexander Luzin
Alexander Luzin Il y a 2 jours
min: 11:33 I don't understand why Topalov didn't check the with the rook after the Kasparov took the rook with the queen?
Mark Paradis
Mark Paradis Il y a 2 jours
Knight to C5... Checkmate.
sarthak s
sarthak s Il y a 2 jours
well mr.agadmator, i m a 2000 plus rated myself and i dont think its possible to calculate all the way to that rook capture early in game...
GG Codm
GG Codm Il y a 4 jours
Bruh how is someone that smart- like I could get never think that way
Whitten Green
Whitten Green Il y a 6 jours
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warriorofice33 Il y a 6 jours
28. Qc3 ? even though it looks like a very good move, Ra7! was much stronger, yes?
Benjamin Manani
Benjamin Manani Il y a 10 jours
4:12 I am a simple man. I see queen I take queen.😂
Jacques Lu
Jacques Lu Il y a 10 jours
@8:28 Isn't Qa1 checkmate? If queen blocks on a2, just captures
Allan Lopes
Allan Lopes Il y a 11 jours
Γιαννης Πανιδης
Γιαννης Πανιδης Il y a 13 jours
Once queen captures the knight in f6 am I the only one who sees rook d1 chek white is forced to play king b2 and then queen d4 check and also attacking the white queen so white has to exchange queens and black has 2 rooks for a bishop and a pone (plus one in the next move) but it is definitely play able game for both players
Krisztián Zsombok
Krisztián Zsombok Il y a 13 jours
I like how rook to d2 almost sounds like a well known Star Wars character :D
River gold
River gold Il y a 15 jours
At minute 8.24 in the video what if Topalov does black rook to D1 check to white king, and then next step black rook from H8 to A8, instead of Black king to A3
Dharit Pithva
Dharit Pithva Il y a 15 jours
Not giving up attitude of Topalov
Na Nha
Na Nha Il y a 15 jours
Michael Chavez
Michael Chavez Il y a 18 jours
Idk why this is my entertainment 😐
AJINKYA MOHARIR Il y a 19 jours
12:27. What if we place rook to d1
Илья Заболотный
Илья Заболотный Il y a 21 jour
Хэллоу эвриван! :-)
Meguellati Abderrahmane
Meguellati Abderrahmane Il y a 22 jours
Kasparov is artist
COLLECTOR Piks Il y a 24 jours
Nice move thanks for sharing
Yosef Peter
Yosef Peter Il y a 24 jours
0:18 hey, thats racist.. but its okay cause youre whit.. nvm
Joselito Sunga
Joselito Sunga Il y a 24 jours
It is really strange that I saw an almost similar position between Anand and Kasparov (most probably played earlier) with color reversed a long time ago. Anand also played Rxd4 as white and Kasparov lost the game too. Vishy explained his computer found Rxd4 in his home preparation. Karpov was also playing in that tournament and shook his head after seeing the Rxd4! move.
Frank Uhlig
Frank Uhlig Il y a 24 jours
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Brian Boru
Brian Boru Il y a 25 jours
Comb your hair, please. You look like Frankenstein. (With misplaced bolts.)
solsav Il y a 26 jours
Khaleel Ali
Khaleel Ali Il y a 27 jours
At 8:24, wouldn't rook to d1 have been better than king takes pawn on A3? King has nowhere to go except b2, then you can go queen to d4 check and force a queen sacrifice?
Junel Fuentes
Junel Fuentes Il y a 27 jours
It is easier to predict chess moves than your gf's mood
yunggoth Il y a 28 jours
Guy in the thumbnail looks just like the Russian guy from queens gambit
Yasen Simeonov
Yasen Simeonov Il y a 28 jours
Rook to D1 at 8:20 is a good move for Topalov, right?
Aaron kramer
Aaron kramer Il y a mois
After 31. Qf6, could Topalov not have moved Rd1+? Then after Kb2, Qb3#?
rafael patropi
rafael patropi Il y a mois
Hook to d1?
Yiran Il y a mois
Kasparov basically calculated half the game before making the rook sac?
IjonTihy Il y a mois
​ @agadmator's Chess Channel What about after 29. Ra7 ... Qe6? Then she would defend b3 and a6 simultaneously.
G G Il y a mois
Probably a good idea to refuse a sacrifice from Gary Kasparov...
Matthew Shi
Matthew Shi Il y a mois
White king is also playing a important role in attacking black king 10:11 7:43
apple bottom jeans
apple bottom jeans Il y a mois
7:50 Why not Topalov pawn to A5? Probably wouldn't accomplish much at that point, but perhaps it would buy some much needed tempo for Topalov to respond to Kasparov's attack 🤷‍♂️ I'm an 1100, so forgive me if this is a stupid mistake/proposition.
Gunnar Zab
Gunnar Zab Il y a mois
Kasparov had good reason to be doubtful. Topalov blundered with 31. Kxa3. The correct line of defense would have been: 31. .... Rd1+. 32. Kb2 Rh8. This saves the h8 rook from being captured later and defends mate on Qa6.
Luqmanazmir Il y a mois
whenever I hit a losing strike in, I watch this video. It kept my chess spirit up. Also, the comment section is fucking gold.
Urh Zver
Urh Zver Il y a mois
3:30 why not check with the white knight to take the queen. blunder ?
Jason Lin
Jason Lin Il y a mois
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Jasarat Atun
Jasarat Atun Il y a mois
Why not capture rook with queen at 6:32 ?
Aytaç Çevik
Aytaç Çevik Il y a mois
Super. ..
Diego .d.R
Diego .d.R Il y a mois
"garry kasparov is white" 🙄
jose manuel muñoz martinez
jose manuel muñoz martinez Il y a mois
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A B Il y a mois
What a beautiful match!
Aslarn Blackfyre
Aslarn Blackfyre Il y a mois
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yeet III
yeet III Il y a mois
One of the best games I’ve seen!!!
Self-Righteous Ideologue
Self-Righteous Ideologue Il y a mois
Can someone explain to me the difference between Pirc and King's Indian? Whenever I watch GM Daniel Naroditsky he always says Pirc is a poor defense, yet he says KI is a great defense... But to do a KI you first need to do a Pirc, especially if white opens with E5. If you didn't do D6 after E5 opening and instead moved your knight to F6, then white can just move pawn to E6 and your knight is busted. I have not been able to find any valid reason why Pirc is bad and KI is good even though they are basically the same thing, and to do KI you first need to do Pirc.. Help? :(
Dilan Mashru
Dilan Mashru Il y a mois
in the hypothetical check around 6 mins in he could have blocked w queen instead, forcing a trading of pieces in which he would come out with a two rooks, equal number of pawns, against bishop endgame
Franco Jose Muertes
Franco Jose Muertes Il y a mois
at 6:00 the bishop on h3 would just pickup the queen, blocking with the knight/rook looses the queen as well and at 6:12 knight to c6 would be checkmate. He couldn't prevent it otherwise.
fernando lopera
fernando lopera Il y a mois
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Crveni storno
Crveni storno Il y a mois
Is the name - Veselin have the same meaning in all Slavic languages? Cheerful, happy or something like that?
MVP_KZ Il y a mois
Nice game :)🤔👍
Michael Athanasiou
Michael Athanasiou Il y a mois
Agadmator makes this up as his pleases, after Qxf6 Rd1+ Kb2 Qd4+. Qxd4. Rxd4 now if white plays Ra7 Rd6 or if Rb6. Ra8
Diego Senge
Diego Senge Il y a mois
Idk why you have problems not mixing up Topalov and kasparov
ba_ Kha963 Instagram
ba_ Kha963 Instagram Il y a mois
Tipu de pe Metin
Tipu de pe Metin Il y a mois
8:23 rook d1?
Franco Jose Muertes
Franco Jose Muertes Il y a mois
you're right and after Kb2, Ra8. But after that Kasparov would slowly pickup all the Kingside pawns anyway
Murdock Kakudji
Murdock Kakudji Il y a mois
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Luuk Wispels
Luuk Wispels Il y a mois
Eva Makarski
Eva Makarski Il y a mois
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Jude Ikwu
Jude Ikwu Il y a mois
Queens Gambit!
Lupi Vylka
Lupi Vylka Il y a mois
Topalov is so great and you should show more of his games where he wins, because it's spectacular ... Topalov as a person and as a competitor outclasses everyone else!
Josua Henz
Josua Henz Il y a mois
Really nice video thank you it’s helping a lot ♟
Tranhoang Ngochan
Tranhoang Ngochan Il y a mois
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Seth Traughber
Seth Traughber Il y a mois
Every time I play now I always hear “it was in this position that (insert name) resigned the game” lol...I just wish I was referring to myself so much
Huynhnguyen Nghi
Huynhnguyen Nghi Il y a mois
Gaurav Jha
Gaurav Jha Il y a mois
It's really strange however one has to play chess according to the opponent's game too. So it's not just the calculations for the moves, it's a battle of the thoughts too..
TOO MUCH TOUGH Il y a mois
In another FRpost channel, this exact game is played by Tal (white) and Kasparov (black) 😩😩😩
Vongoc Ngoctram
Vongoc Ngoctram Il y a mois
Barker Guillermo
Barker Guillermo Il y a mois
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
J C Il y a mois
knight c6? why not? 3:56
mahesh udupa
mahesh udupa Il y a mois
This is definitely the best match I’ve seen! That quote sums up chess!
Akash Dhotre
Akash Dhotre Il y a mois
Sorry to everyone whom I've denied of their immortal game by not finding the best defense. I saw 50 moves ahead but missed the mate in one. Smh.
정진석 Il y a mois
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VArsovski10 Il y a mois
10:40, what about Rook D8? 🤔
Alasfour Oday
Alasfour Oday Il y a mois
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Elbert Gonzales
Elbert Gonzales Il y a mois
donnys world
donnys world Il y a mois
Very serious question : when Gary played Rxe4 until the very end this game, there were many mind boggling variations. Are you suggesting he saw them all in the 12 minutes you say he spent on the Rxe4 move? I'm a 2000 player, but I can't fathom a yes answer. Really. That's just too many variations. I'm hoping you tell me he "it looked very promising" and proceeded on faith and experience. Thanks.
Edith Daniel
Edith Daniel Il y a mois
0:09 so sexy moment
Matthew Banham
Matthew Banham Il y a mois
what a brilliant game!
Nguyenhoang Hoangtam
Nguyenhoang Hoangtam Il y a mois
3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry
C Leoni
C Leoni Il y a mois
Brother great Chanel, please slow down a little bit, not everyone is GM
Quincycle Il y a mois
13:43 "oh!"
Lora Bowers
Lora Bowers Il y a mois
esti geloasă pagubă in ciuperci love
Grant Gostin
Grant Gostin Il y a mois
immortal 3???? hes literally one game off of radiant
Lora Bowers
Lora Bowers Il y a mois
Que Dios nos perdone.
vivek goel
vivek goel Il y a mois
Anyone watching this in Jan 2021
Uroshman Il y a mois
It's really hard to imagine that anyone can see so far in the future and predict all the moves including that one near the end when the white queen gobbles the black rook on h8!!! But that's why we have chess geniuses such as Fisher, Kasparov, Magnus, and the like. I am happy that I saw a couple of great moves such as 36. Bf1 and 37. Rd7, but I was still missing lots of other important moves in the whole combination.
Lora Bowers
Lora Bowers Il y a mois
Beautiful love u.
Zfast4y0u Il y a mois
7:03 why not eat pawn with bishop? like that the queen would still protect his pawn on a6
Alex Liang
Alex Liang Il y a mois
because after Bxd5, Kasparov just plays Kb2. The intention is to go Qb3, Bxb3, and then cxb3#. That is unstoppable.
Marc Rover
Marc Rover Il y a mois
Okay, I'm a novice, but I have to say, at 7:07, I'm pretty sure he (black) would have been better-off capturing the pawn at D5 w/ his Bishop, as opposed to his queen. If he captures with his bishop, he has another defender in the area for his king. (Then he'd have Q at D6, and B at D5.) Instead, he left the Bishop in the corner doing absolutely nothing, aside from collecting some dust.
Marc Rover
Marc Rover Il y a mois
@Don Perona Grr, thanks man. Idk why I ever open my mouth (or move my hands lol) on these video's :D
Don Perona
Don Perona Il y a mois
Bxd5 is a blunder. After Kb2, there is no defense to Qb3+ leading to checkmate.
Roy Jones
Roy Jones Il y a mois
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Grant Sherri
Grant Sherri Il y a mois
Very nice….
Ali Maliki
Ali Maliki Il y a mois
thank you
fruscai Il y a mois
Please excuse my ignorance, but what about, at 1:26, Queen to e6? Then the queen is still covering the Be2 and is also not hanging? Then if Bishop attacks there is a queen exchange in favor of Black in the works as the works, which, if taken, leaves, white down a fair bit of material, and if the d1 rook covers the queen on e1 there is a checkmate possibility a few moves away. If the rook stays on d1 then it could potentially end up with a rook/queen swap situation that will further cement the deal?
King Genti Austria
King Genti Austria Il y a mois
One of the best games ever !!!! 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍
Belinda Hughes
Belinda Hughes Il y a mois
Kamran а
Kamran а Il y a mois
"Endless Corridor"
Alma Craig
Alma Craig Il y a mois
john magill
john magill Il y a mois
Brilliant 👏
frozenflame5858 Il y a mois
Game starts at 4:30
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