Daft Punk wouldn't tell Giorgio Moroder their 'Random Access Memories' plans

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On Score: The Podcast, Giorgio Moroder explains how he came on board for Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories,' the 2013 Grammy-winning album of the year, and what made the recording process so unique when he was interviewed for "Giorgio by Moroder."
Excerpted from Score: The Podcast - Season 2 Episode 15 - Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne, Kings of the South
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Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Il y a 2 jours
Daft Punk is one band I could listen to every second of every interview about their creative process and not get bored.
TheManLab7 Il y a 5 jours
Such an amazing song 👌🏻
Andrew Tetreault
Andrew Tetreault Il y a 8 jours
my name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me, Giorgio
Pedro Vallejos L.
Pedro Vallejos L. Il y a 8 jours
This voice my goshhhhhh 😍
Justin Cholo S. Balisang
Justin Cholo S. Balisang Il y a 8 jours
Everytime he talks just feels like a music is about to play.
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne Il y a 10 jours
I kind of want a full podcast of what Giorgio has said to Daft Punk in that studio.
Methus Il y a 11 jours
2:55 - LOL, that's unexpected. 😂 3:27 It also become a meme LMAO. 🤣
Mythical Vigilante
Mythical Vigilante Il y a 13 jours
Fucking Awesome.
Fernie Canto
Fernie Canto Il y a 13 jours
The story with the three microphones is emblematic of this entire album, of how much effort was put into the sound design: this album is an impeccably recorded, masterfully produced, perfectly mixed 74 minutes of nothing happening.
crismedia Il y a 13 jours
I could buy a whole collection of audio-books readed by Giorgio 😆
RAVENZ CRAVIN Il y a 14 jours
wait wheres the beatdrop... i have been waiting for 5 minutes thinking this was the song
JoJoKiwi Il y a 16 jours
Giorgio Moroder is like a proud father he pioneered electronic music and is so impressed to see what Daft Punk has done with it.
Sacred Weegee
Sacred Weegee Il y a 17 jours
Bro his son is lucky as balls
Zuff Il y a 18 jours
He sounds like someone who knew he wanted to be a musician when he was 15, 16, when he really started to play guitar
Paul Johnssen
Paul Johnssen Il y a 18 jours
His voice is calming
gi k
gi k Il y a 20 jours
mY nAmE iS gIoVaNnI gIoRgIo, BuT eVeRyBoDy CaLlS mE gIoRgIo
TheOnlyThingIDoIsPostFunnyLinks Il y a 23 jours
Can we please for once talk about Moroder's influence on electronic music ?
Diego OP
Diego OP Il y a 26 jours
Best Remix Ever
Gokay K.
Gokay K. Il y a 27 jours
Monkey Revolution
Monkey Revolution Il y a 29 jours
ROLAND MC 909 frpost.info/project/vid-o/sqrOsabLoNSlcKk
Danny Clown
Danny Clown Il y a mois
He’s a wonderful person ❤️❤️❤️🙏
Doug Elick
Doug Elick Il y a mois
Did he try to name drop the local musician's union to Giorgio Moroder at the end??
CYB3R2K30 Il y a mois
I wonder what his name is and how his friends call him... 🤔
Juan José Galeano Dinatale
Juan José Galeano Dinatale Il y a mois
Is my hero!! *. *
Yan Magno
Yan Magno Il y a mois
He sounds like Max von Sydow doing an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression
J. Anthropos
J. Anthropos Il y a mois
I was today years old when I realised that "Get Lucky" is 8 years old.
LankySloth Il y a mois
They've shown there faces already but it was before Daft Punk hit it big
Niccolò Mineo
Niccolò Mineo Il y a mois
Can't believe Daft Punk really split.
LeonardoNimoy Il y a mois
it's a fantastic love letter to him
Utku Can
Utku Can Il y a mois
i wanna put some backround music when he talks
Guino Ronaldo
Guino Ronaldo Il y a mois
My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio.
deadratmau5 Il y a mois
Squeezy Hugs
Squeezy Hugs Il y a mois
I keep expecting him to say I lived in my car. btw this guy is a great doppelganger.
Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin Il y a mois
It sucks when the interviewer interrupts. We're here to hear what the guest has to say, not to hear an incoherent ejaculation from the podcaster's ego.
Nabroc Il y a mois
Reading all the comments in Giorgio's voice... Astounding.
Spiros Kiriakopoulos
Spiros Kiriakopoulos Il y a mois
Are we gonna ignore the fact that the guy at the right is cleaning his nose at 3:27?
C4ndidevideo Il y a mois
Is he Giovanni Giorgio or Giorgio ?
Boris Samardzija
Boris Samardzija Il y a mois
im mad that i just recently heard his voice this is my new Bob Ross before sleep i always listen to people with calming voices
rafasr Il y a mois
Ah Giorgio... Or some say, Giovanni Giorgio
Jackson Redman
Jackson Redman Il y a mois
gonna sample his interpretation of sampling
Jacopo Spina
Jacopo Spina Il y a mois
My name is Giorgio
S2 EVOK Il y a mois
this guys voice is so fucking smooth
Sparsh Mecwan
Sparsh Mecwan Il y a mois
The most inspiring and unique song I have and will ever listen. They were such unique artists :(
kelownatechkid Il y a mois
This is amazing
Alluttaja Il y a mois
Well thanks to this interview now I know that they used 3 different mics.
DC Il y a mois
My name is Giorno Giovanna but people call me jojo
Farzad Nabi
Farzad Nabi Il y a mois
Damn, I was really waiting for the click
M G Il y a mois
Giorgio's voice feels like Arnold's
Ceko Il y a mois
When I first heard this song I was like... "I didn't know Arnold Schwartzenegger did music"
Sand Surf
Sand Surf Il y a mois
Amazing track. That instrumental brings tears to my eyes like so many songs since the Epilogue last week. The drums are so tight, it's insane. Maybe my favorite drum arrangement in music.
Tyler Walker
Tyler Walker Il y a mois
Interviewer has 38 albums in his top 5 albums of all-time from the way he briefly paused.
Gato303co Il y a mois
I have enjoyed Giorgio Moroder's songs for many years, and even at his 70s he still composing music (Right here, right now with Kilye Mingue, 74 is the new 24, Racer) he's such a veteran in electronic music. Feels very cool Daft Punk made a tribute to him in their own special way
Juksemakeren Il y a mois
the 3 mics is such hipster bullshit
That Guy
That Guy Il y a mois
I just turned in the song and the interview
NESherv Il y a mois
click click click click click
Andradé Il y a mois
the change in mics is absolutely mind-blowing; it's an incredible example of how detailed and refined Daft Punk approach their craft
jerro95 Il y a mois
That was genius about the microphone from the different decades. Right when he mentioned the microphones, I immediately thought of the song.
S .A. M
S .A. M Il y a mois
...so when does the music start?
Sr.T Il y a mois
:c now... we know
David Arhentio
David Arhentio Il y a mois
Jack Estacio
Jack Estacio Il y a mois
“I knew I needed a click so we put a click, on the 24th track.”
Bob Scisci
Bob Scisci Il y a mois
His voice is the same of Arnold Schwarzenegger
pomme melon
pomme melon Il y a mois
Imagine having Random Access Memories in your top 5 of all times 😬
mfletcherg122 Il y a mois
Not that hard to imagine. It is definitely in my top 5. As soon as I got my hands on it, I listened to it all summer... everyday.
vCommi Il y a mois
I wonder what kind of oil Daft Punk had that day for lunch??
Pau Díaz
Pau Díaz Il y a mois
Imagine someone doing a janky cover of the song with this interview instead of the album one lol
Almighty Loaf
Almighty Loaf Il y a mois
It's like he's singing the entire time. His voice is music to my ears ❤
Chaiyapoon Tang
Chaiyapoon Tang Il y a mois
Its probably my fave on the album, its an awesome album btw, it was a journey listening to that first time, it was a shame I didn't hear it high like back in the 80s.
YO NO FUI Il y a mois
whi this video has no copyright if it plays a daft punk song?
Daft Punk
Daft Punk Il y a mois
My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio
MP40 Fantôme
MP40 Fantôme Il y a mois
It is the first time I see this guy's face and he looks exactly how he sounds
Arsen Madinov
Arsen Madinov Il y a mois
why is this video not copyrighted by this point 😂, especially when he almost repeats his lines
Delusional Film
Delusional Film Il y a mois
His voice
DisguiseDK Il y a mois
Man, his voice sounds exactly like the one used in the actual track.
Daniel Toader
Daniel Toader Il y a mois
2:14 , Sounds of the future
Daniel Toader
Daniel Toader Il y a mois
1:55 , Sound of 60s 70s
Daniel Toader
Daniel Toader Il y a mois
1:44 Sounds of the 50s or the 40s
Brett McKinney
Brett McKinney Il y a mois
Now that he said they used the different mics I can hear the difference. That's crazy and super cool :D
Oi no professionals
Oi no professionals Il y a mois
Yes 😀😀
Francesco Boselli
Francesco Boselli Il y a mois
Who is here after the Draft Punk epilogue?
Brandon Kehoe
Brandon Kehoe Il y a mois
daft punk forever
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Il y a mois
So I knew I needed a click
EVALDO TIGER 401 Il y a mois
I swear, I close my eyes and it sounds like Joe Rogan is interviewing Mr. Moroder.
imicca Il y a mois
Accent lovely
gmy33 Il y a mois
wow that voice .. in a strange way i love it !!!!
Adit MKM
Adit MKM Il y a mois
I am here, after the break up
Bryan Nuñez
Bryan Nuñez Il y a mois
All of us are waiting for the beat to come hahahaha LOL it´s what daft punk makes. :(
Sentient Soul
Sentient Soul Il y a mois
M.D. S
M.D. S Il y a mois
Fascinating stuff! Fascinating people! Amazing artists! (Moroder and Daft Punk)
TapeJockey Il y a mois
Well here we are now
el rumi
el rumi Il y a mois
Oh no!
C Mars
C Mars Il y a mois
Is that John malcovich there too?
Jag Jigosen
Jag Jigosen Il y a mois
he has the best german accent
Marcus Il y a mois
2:15 this is why Daft Punk is the greatest 🐐
drchpt Il y a mois
Excellent interview, the microphones story: as an artist you are your bar, you set it and if you notice the difference then it's worth doing or at least trying
calvdesign Il y a mois
Lost me at double adds at the beginning of the video. Bye
Simon Bergagna
Simon Bergagna Il y a mois
What a shit way to end a really cool piece of dialogue. I suppose that's the idea of podcast highlights, to draw traffic to the full version.
Ameer Il y a mois
Giorgio by Moroder is my favorite track from the album.
szymon Il y a mois
I always thought that Moroder is black lol
Daniele La Mendola
Daniele La Mendola Il y a mois
someone put the music down, please
Zechary Khoo
Zechary Khoo Il y a mois
Their era might be at a close. But their sounds would stretch through to the end of time.
Samuel Il y a mois
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