Daft Punk Live @ Coachella 2006 - Full Set

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Il y a 8 ans

Fan-made video of Daft Punk's (a)live set at Coachella 2006 (April 29).
Reupload - Credit to Freakboy for putting this together
0:00 Intro
0:54 Robot Rock / Oh Yeah
7:14 Touch It / Technologic
12:44 Television Rules The Nation / Crescendolls
17:35 Too Long / Steam Machine
24:36 Around The World / Harder Better Faster Stronger
30:19 Burnin' / Too Long
37:29 Face To Face / Short Circuit
42:25 One More Time / Aerodynamic
48:35 Aerodynamic Beats / Forget About the World
52:07 Prime Time Of Your Life / Brainwasher / Rollin' And Scratchin' / Alive
1:02:30 Da Funk / Daftendirekt
1:09:08 Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll
1:14:56 Credits

Ed Solo
Ed Solo Il y a 3 jours
THEY'LL BE BACK!! we need them more tan ever, we need his music as well as all the music we can grasp on, more than ever. Until then,please stay safe and take care of each other, be kind and generous and never, EVER stop loving and living life. They'll be back...the will give a final tour and then we all can die happily.
Chelsy Cueto
Chelsy Cueto Il y a 5 jours
Esto es lo maximo en todo su esplendor de verdad que felicidad haberlo vivido en vivo no puedo con mas ❤️😂😘🎛️🙌💗🎶👏🎵😭🎶🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️🎚️
Andrea Silveira
Andrea Silveira Il y a 6 jours
Just listened to it last night, and I'm here again
VT1975 Il y a 6 jours
I got married on April 29, 2006.
TheAugus Noi
TheAugus Noi Il y a 6 jours
TheAugus Noi
TheAugus Noi Il y a 6 jours
Te extrañamos daft punk
R230Tuner Il y a 7 jours
@26:50 Hey that's not how we palanned it.?. ahh fuck it! Let me know next time. lol
Lee Monahan
Lee Monahan Il y a 8 jours
those 92 dislikes are the people who got tired of waitin for them to set up
Lee Monahan
Lee Monahan Il y a 8 jours
HOW does this not have more views?? I'm genuinely shocked, not just saying for the effect lmao
david brzezinski
david brzezinski Il y a 8 jours
1993-2021 011111000011101111000001111
Aarón Arias Valverde
Aarón Arias Valverde Il y a 9 jours
Vincent Tchou
Vincent Tchou Il y a 9 jours
00:49 the only group in the world who can make people dance and shout with no music.
Arthur Rammusa
Arthur Rammusa Il y a 11 jours
This performance definitely made Daft Punk look baddass. Even the non EDM guys were probably bopping their heads and converted
rafer Jefferson iii
rafer Jefferson iii Il y a 11 jours
What I would give to be there now with a couple of pills and my old DJ partner (RIP)
Leonardo Cabra
Leonardo Cabra Il y a 11 jours
Que llore dijo 😢😢😢😢
allan ponce
allan ponce Il y a 18 jours
Epic 😭😭
Joel Bangalter
Joel Bangalter Il y a 21 jour
Mis ojos no aguantan TANTA BELLEZA :")
sinceninetyeightysix gustofferson
sinceninetyeightysix gustofferson Il y a 23 jours
They apparently planned this game changing stage set up behind everyone's back including there manager nobody knew what was coming that night and the history they were gonna see its like when guns and roses was the surprise guest at the end of the 2002 vma's except daft punk delivered a new precedent that would change live concerts forever when Axl came back we got a fat Axl with braids and bucket head standing in for slash and a shitty performance Remember the legend of the daft punk for they were legendary
brayham oscco
brayham oscco Il y a mois
Que linda musica me gusta
jayjayokocha Il y a mois
I was there, a night I'll never forget.
Dylan Reyes
Dylan Reyes Il y a mois
Daft Punk forever💯👍😔
TheSuburbanErrorist Il y a mois
And the US witnessed dance music and history was made...
Vinscou Rala
Vinscou Rala Il y a mois
Merci A-trak
BriceonNice Il y a mois
A dieu ❤️
lorenzoc64 Il y a mois
I wasn't here 😭 my worst regret I think ... since I knew they were stopping
AMJ Il y a mois
See you French Robots...
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd Il y a mois
This is the only performance that I will never criticize anyone for holding up their cameras (now phones) to record
Sarina T
Sarina T Il y a mois
People shit on other people for filming at shows, but I wanna say thank you to the people who recorded this amazing performance so people like me could share in it.
Sway _
Sway _ Il y a 4 jours
Very true.
Alberto Alcalde
Alberto Alcalde Il y a mois
Recuerdo cuando mi hermano mayor trajo a casa el vinilo promo con galleta blanca de "One More Time". El antes y el después en mi vida. Inspiración para muchos deejays que comenzamos a finales de los ´90. Hicieron lo que querían porque sabían lo que querían. Luego ya no tanto y decidieron dar un punto y final sabiendo que se habían pasado el nivel...que llegaron donde su genialidad fue reconocida por fin. El mejor respeto que puedo darles es apoyar su lucha por la música. Una lucha que ganaron y pudieron "irse" con la cabeza bien alta. Enhorabuena Tomas y Guy, estoy orgulloso de haber creído en vosotros. Buen viaje.
Main Support LOL
Main Support LOL Il y a mois
whats the song of the intro?
Ben T
Ben T Il y a mois
kids these days will never know just how epic and important this was
BLACK_HyDrA161 Il y a mois
@Ben T Oh, sorry mate am I supposed to ask for permission to click on reply...
Ben T
Ben T Il y a mois
@BLACK_HyDrA161 who asked
BLACK_HyDrA161 Il y a mois
sounds very boomer of you
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo Il y a mois
The greatest performance of all time
ttopaloff Il y a mois
A moment of legend.
Guillaume Spi #DBL
Guillaume Spi #DBL Il y a mois
interesting to note that for the first time ever they played the live-set, people was not screaming so much how they will do in the next months... they are not understand what is going on lol, it will be only after first feedbacks and great enthousiasm by first coachella attendees, that the crowd will be waiting each track with this pleasure
Bud Masters
Bud Masters Il y a mois
Now I know what my Mom felt like when The Beatles broke up... :_|
Michael D
Michael D Il y a mois
We aren’t worthy!!
Jade Z.P.
Jade Z.P. Il y a mois
I hate when people are filming during a concert but for Daft Punk I bless you so fucking much
TurboDolphin Il y a mois
i saw this show in sydney. Easily one of the best live performances I've ever witnessed
SeniorSwanky Il y a mois
I wish I wasnt a child during this time
Alexandra31T Il y a mois
it's really interesting to see and hear the subtle changes from this set to Alive 2007 and the impact those tiny changes have
Diego Zavala Xed
Diego Zavala Xed Il y a 26 jours
ff8masterc Il y a mois
Interesting seeing the variations of the fade-ins between this set and the recorded album.
Jeshua Pavx
Jeshua Pavx Il y a mois
I'm crying8(
Steve Butler
Steve Butler Il y a mois
1:15:23 of ring tones. 4-5 rings is more than enough. To each his or her own.
wrc addict
wrc addict Il y a mois
Incroyable,merci pour tout,je vous aime daft punk
Danya Zhafira
Danya Zhafira Il y a mois
Merinding..beruntung banget orang orang yang nonton! Theyre real genius, their music would still be epic for many generations to come, timeless ✨
Mateo Gonzalez
Mateo Gonzalez Il y a mois
one day i will travel back in time to visit this moment
jerome santa
jerome santa Il y a mois
i can hear a sample from Bronski Beat " smalltown boy" at 19.20 , epic.
Jaime Gomez
Jaime Gomez Il y a mois
the guy recording with a palm
Angel Monje
Angel Monje Il y a mois
Daft Punk absolute brilliance
Death Mod
Death Mod Il y a mois
It's in 2007
ً Il y a mois
S1nister_DJ Il y a mois
Armor King
Armor King Il y a mois
El concierto perfecto no exis....
Tom Joad
Tom Joad Il y a mois
MDr le mec y va a un concert et au leiu de profiter du concert il passe son temps le bras tendu avec un téléphone au bout. XD
djprideone1 Il y a mois
da funk brings back so many memories for me... playing that track at a rave for the first time in 93 and people looseing their minds ... a girl came up to me and kissed me.... i will never forget it .... thank you daft punk for all the memories
RiTcHiE Rich
RiTcHiE Rich Il y a mois
Is this the same one as glennjam version???
Victor Cornips
Victor Cornips Il y a mois
When life was fun, when almost nobody was recording with their phone, where people just had a great time, I wish I was born before 2000 so I could be in this era.
Be Normal
Be Normal Il y a mois
Fun fact: most people in thid video are between 35-45 years old right now...
Gabe Sam
Gabe Sam Il y a mois
This is like when Queen OWNED Live Aid. This was THEIR concert. Absolute legends, I'll miss them
Lucas Ribeiro
Lucas Ribeiro Il y a mois
The people who know music realize how much this performance changed music forever.
freedraco Il y a mois
Guess i'll never get the chance to see them live performing...
Pierre Joly
Pierre Joly Il y a mois
Daft Punk epilogue: A very bad plaisanterie française !!!!
MILAX Il y a mois
hats off to whoever recorded this👏🏽
Hanska Civ
Hanska Civ Il y a mois
Fun fact "Skrillex" was there, alone, and he decided to make eletronic music after this performance.
A P Il y a mois
@Solid Vape Man ive watched it the other day, skrillex himself litteraly says it was at LA in 2007 it's at 58:47 in the unchained documentary go look at it by yourself
Jacob S
Jacob S Il y a mois
10:28 sounds like skrillex guitar picking and sound from bangarang
Solid Vape
Solid Vape Il y a mois
@A P No it was Coachella. Look at the Daft punk Unchained movie
A P Il y a mois
Nice try but no it wasn't at this show, it was at the L.A Sports Arena in 2007
Joe Aarseth
Joe Aarseth Il y a mois
Daft Punk Onee Moree Timee!!!
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores Il y a mois
Son unos caballeros de la electrónica hasta siempre daft punk😭
Jason Zaremba
Jason Zaremba Il y a mois
I’m not usually into EDM but this is a KILLER performance
Martin Il y a mois
nice job you got right up there
Simon Il y a mois
40K people instead of 10K people living the best moment of the music history !
Angie Shines
Angie Shines Il y a mois
Been rocking since high school. Class of 2001! I skipped class and went to the gym..tore up some treadmills to their music. All the way to RAM.. married with kids. Got my husband and kids addicted. speechless.... about their retirement! I still have a few of their cds!😭😭😭😭😭
Amy Shelburn-Zarins
Amy Shelburn-Zarins Il y a mois
I attended this concert!! I was three months pregnant and it was SO HOT!
Keebzz Il y a mois
I was 7 when this even happened. Sad to know I will never be able to see the robots live.
Egor V.
Egor V. Il y a mois
Boris Marmillon
Boris Marmillon Il y a mois
Amazing one Daft Punk for ever in our hearts!!!
Amin Anwar
Amin Anwar Il y a mois
yan montana
yan montana Il y a mois
Merci les gars tanx buddies French touch amazing 4 ever :)
benjamin Il y a mois
whoever recorded this your a goddamn saint
Diego Zavala Xed
Diego Zavala Xed Il y a mois
Julie Alaniz
Julie Alaniz Il y a mois
Back when Coachella was cool and not about making a fashion show! It was about the music flowing through us dancing living it up and just having a great time. Celebrities were dresses down dancing right next to you. Thank you for everything Daft Punk!!
Hugoo' Rivas
Hugoo' Rivas Il y a mois
G D Il y a mois
Iconic, innovators of dance and now edm lightshows, if only I had the opportunity to see these legends do a live set, be amazing.
art garcia
art garcia Il y a mois
I was 18 when straight out of high school and literally live 5 min away from the Coachella fest venue in Indio , if I knew this would of been one of the greatest carts ever I would have snuck into Coachella that year 😭
RC Ellis
RC Ellis Il y a mois
26:46 (From the back of the stage) "Kanye! Yeezy! It's Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin West. You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this!"
Havoc Il y a 6 jours
I love that Back to the future reference 😭
rafer Jefferson iii
rafer Jefferson iii Il y a 11 jours
Epic BTTF reference
LeBron Ramès
LeBron Ramès Il y a mois
I was 6 in that time ❤️
Connor McDowell
Connor McDowell Il y a mois
this audio has to be remastered with like, studio audio right?
Connor McDowell
Connor McDowell Il y a mois
WTF the intro is the alien calling music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) are you fuckiiinggg kidding me
David Rogelio Alvarez Reyes
David Rogelio Alvarez Reyes Il y a mois
Es una lastima ya no los podre ver envivo.
Yurem Chacon
Yurem Chacon Il y a mois
Si verdad
Colton Strunk
Colton Strunk Il y a mois
the genius stage and light show in this changed the edm industry, probably a big inspiration for the culture of extravagant light shows at edm/dubstep shows and raves
thomas gasparato
thomas gasparato Il y a mois
Fuck my Life - I never saw a live of MJ - 2pac - and daft punk m’y Life are shit 😂😂
Tim Buzz
Tim Buzz Il y a mois
Still here. Still listening. Still Daft punk!
INFP Anaïs Lucia Comedy
INFP Anaïs Lucia Comedy Il y a mois
I WAS FREAKING THERE! I got to witness this AMAZING performance IN PERSON, not too far from the front of the stage. It was INCREDIBLE! STIL the best live performance I've witnessed! SO sad about the news!! LOVE DAFT PUNK FOREVER!!!
muhammad hussain
muhammad hussain Il y a mois
You’re lucky asf ! Wish they come back with a performance Again
ABOVE THE 10 STUDIOS Il y a mois
One of last good Coachella’s
DeMysha Daniels
DeMysha Daniels Il y a mois
djGrabko Il y a mois
I was at this show too... thanks for the memory jog!
Benny Rules The World
Benny Rules The World Il y a mois
Where is the source of this?
Naufal Fadil
Naufal Fadil Il y a mois
Because broke up, im searching daft punk's video haha
Hal hemerich
Hal hemerich Il y a mois
Bastante decente la grabación de audio para los teléfonos e esa época.
k c
k c Il y a mois
Waiting my entire life for the chance to do something I couldn’t as a kid, see Daft Punk live. I waited years for Alive 2017 and it never came... so I waited more... this is as good as it will ever get...
T squirrel
T squirrel Il y a mois
I'm back here again after hearing the news. RIP Daft Punk🤘
Jim Williams
Jim Williams Il y a mois
this was me listening as if it was their last one. we is sad/happy
Ninja Tortoise
Ninja Tortoise Il y a mois
Yo is dat a blackberry 6:48 😂
LDJ Il y a mois
the greatest performance of all time.
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