Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers 1.20.21 | Full Highlights

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Il y a mois

Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers 1.20.21 | Full Highlights
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MANGO EARTHM Il y a mois
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C & C Fun Factory
C & C Fun Factory Il y a mois
Bahaha no dream team needed 🖕🏼 them pussy boys take the L
G TV Il y a mois
Kyrie is a LIABILITY on defense.
Katerina Seim
Katerina Seim Il y a mois
X90_BLESS Il y a mois
I can't lie.....just WOW! What a game. Oh, and what happened to the three headed monster NETS? lol
Gerry Roman
Gerry Roman Il y a mois
Nets could have won on the regulation time, only if Irving played as a team, not as an individual player. To glorify himself.
mehdi naghavi
mehdi naghavi Il y a mois
announcers sidekick is unbearable. Fire him please.
Christos B
Christos B Il y a mois
Kyrie is a just looking the offender and invites him to score
Christos B
Christos B Il y a mois
Nets have no defense / even a teenager can score
NooB SmasH
NooB SmasH Il y a mois
1:45 holy shit
carlos canales infanzon
carlos canales infanzon Il y a mois
Q increíble tridente ..y la defensa bien gracias🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Reggie Il y a mois
Sexton AND Cedi Osman.
WoodiesHoodies Il y a mois
kyle irving messed it up
Kwasi Hyles
Kwasi Hyles Il y a mois
Brooklyn net underrated the Cleveland cavaliers going into tonight game with the big three still doesn't give u the advantage maybe next game they will come better
Robert Marquez
Robert Marquez Il y a mois
That paly is ridiculous! All people are talking about an easy placement of the nets for the finals but oh boy! They were beaten with 3 superstars playing!???
Константин Калинин
Константин Калинин Il y a mois
Я знаю, что вы пройдете мимо моего комментария из-за того, что вы не знаете русского, но я считаю, что скамейка в современном нба решает очень много, а персональное отсутствие спенсера динуидди, реально решает...
Константин Калинин
Константин Калинин Il y a mois
@El mahdi Albouch Sorry, I speak English very badly, so I use google translator, unfortunately, it translates literally and you will not fully understand me. I wrote that the bench, in the modern NBA, decides a lot, and the absence of Spencer Dinwiddie until the end of the season can negatively affect the results of the Nets. I hope I wrote it correctly.
El mahdi Albouch
El mahdi Albouch Il y a mois
I don't understand what you are saying but I'm agree with you
Kymoo Phillip
Kymoo Phillip Il y a mois
Now what you call this while talking about Lakers lost against Golden state?? 🤣 yo’ll Talk 😂cavs beating this three is like Durant Kyrie and Harden sucked Sexton 🤣🤣🤣
Марк Военный
Марк Военный Il y a mois
It's classic and very cool basketball game).
ichigo Il y a mois
"Kyrie The Crying Erving" 🤪
Andreas Sanchez
Andreas Sanchez Il y a mois
Oh my God Cleveland what the Hell, better then with LeBron or since LeBron
Leo Rodriguez
Leo Rodriguez Il y a mois
The killers
Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah Il y a mois
sorry for nets
Fx Hokage
Fx Hokage Il y a mois
Defence wins championships 🤷🏾‍♂️
John Chen
John Chen Il y a mois
Nets get suck! Good game Cavaliers!
Love_ Angel0483
Love_ Angel0483 Il y a mois
Cleveland just massacre the magnificent 3
Nkwame Design
Nkwame Design Il y a mois
I didn't know the nets traded the fro until i saw this game. Bad decision tho.
Marius Di Milano
Marius Di Milano Il y a mois
I think kyrie and harris must be trade to buy at least two big defenders
Владимир Куршинов
Владимир Куршинов Il y a mois
it looks like Kyrie gets paid only for the offense, defense- Nah
OEThe11 Il y a mois
Nets getting burned by the players they traded...
Geoffrey Joseph
Geoffrey Joseph Il y a mois
Cavs had about 1200 Offensive boards in these highlights
Vukašin Bec
Vukašin Bec Il y a mois
sexton killed it
Wild Westerns!
Wild Westerns! Il y a mois
Kyrie needs personal time off!!!!!!!! Permanently!!!
gom3R Il y a mois
i love collin yeaaaahhh!!!
Demetris Mavros
Demetris Mavros Il y a mois
They thought everybody will shoot 30 % like Bucks and they will shoot 50% and the refs were atrocious
Mamorou Takamura
Mamorou Takamura Il y a mois
Hahaha! I'm a KD fan but this nets team has ni defense! Told yah before dont go for harden! 3 superstars with no defense! Bwahahaha..
NBA 3K MEDIA Il y a mois
Welcome back Houston Rockets ahahahaha
Tobias Schneider
Tobias Schneider Il y a mois
James Harden needs more talent around him!
Dfk Gym
Dfk Gym Il y a mois
😂😂😂 damn right. Jokes aside the Nets is dangerous full stop
Andrea Stefanelli
Andrea Stefanelli Il y a mois
Patric Kivindyo
Patric Kivindyo Il y a mois
Honestly no one is to blame. Sexton was just too hot and there's nothin they could do about it. Nothin..
Geoffrey Joseph
Geoffrey Joseph Il y a mois
are you kidding me??!! Cavs have all the rebounds
Patience Is Key
Patience Is Key Il y a mois
The Nets defense tonight was atrocious!! With that being said the cavs where on fire! Have to clap up it up for Colin Sexton tonight without him it would have been a L for them. Almost seems like Harden was holding back like he didn’t want to step on Kyries toes and I think that also hurt them tonight
brain bere
brain bere Il y a mois
nets are weak, am happy they lost hahaha
Electro Duck
Electro Duck Il y a mois
Sexton > Kyrie
Only Facts
Only Facts Il y a mois
and they lost against one of the worst teams...
Anibal Salaris
Anibal Salaris Il y a mois
They aren't the worst team at all.
samet atbaşı
samet atbaşı Il y a mois
Dude I don't think they are one of the worst teams anymore.. they became delicious team in both attack and defence this year
Malcolm Ford
Malcolm Ford Il y a mois
Kyrie defense is the reason the nets lost...but helluva game for the Cavs 🔥🔥 all of them were balling...the whole starting 5 and key plays were made off the bench 🔥
Garay Tv
Garay Tv Il y a mois
Baba Can
Baba Can Il y a mois
Kyrie was really so unlucy in this match cuz sexton literally beated him just in 4 secs.
KuRE THE BRAIN Il y a mois
J.allen revenge
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway Il y a mois
No defense, what a suprise
Psko Il y a mois
Kyrie is a very egoist man.! They will lose many matches with him
King Lord
King Lord Il y a mois
Nets fans😢😢😢😢😢
Nick Gian
Nick Gian Il y a mois
Kyrie... The worst defender in league.. Sexton embarrassed him.. Nets must trade him NOW...
John Go
John Go Il y a mois
and Harden lol
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B. Il y a mois
Sexton is a walking bucket.
NewYork Yankees
NewYork Yankees Il y a mois
Kyrie? Maybe time to trade...
Peter Remulta
Peter Remulta Il y a mois
This game shows weakness of the nets particularly lack of defence of Kyrie. Congrats to the Cavs for this win beating the team with three stars...nets have something to think about in the next coming days!!!
Boran Kaçar
Boran Kaçar Il y a mois
Cedi.. what an underrated
Dadasha Il y a mois
Ppl who are using the WORD "underrated" on internet should get FAAKED!
george jr acero
george jr acero Il y a mois
Sexton kick Kyrie's ass.. Nets are better without Kyrie.
MET JONES Il y a mois
Brokloyn need DENNIS RODMAN
Dadasha Il y a mois
The WORM wouldn't need NETS!
MiTcH BeAtZ Il y a mois
Or Tristan Thompson 😜
Sean Marks
Sean Marks Il y a mois
Chinkees 1
Chinkees 1 Il y a mois
They gave him away to the Cavs😂
Pojciech Wiela
Pojciech Wiela Il y a mois
Sexton GOAT
francis jayson
francis jayson Il y a mois
huh??? goat??? cow??? buffalo? 😎😎😎
Clipse D
Clipse D Il y a mois
Btw its no coincidence kyrie is back and they lost to the cavs. His style of play is a detriment to rhythm and team play.
3 self
3 self Il y a mois
Um they were winning with him before the trade... maybe it’s the new player they added which is another ball dominated player. It isn’t him, it’s the fact there only one ball.
Clipse D
Clipse D Il y a mois
1:20 watch kyrie.. thats your man?? THAT'S WHO EVERYONE IS CALLING ME CRAZY FOR NOT LIKING??!!
Kijung Paik
Kijung Paik Il y a mois
@Kay Capalot It's not even that. Look at the way he just jogs back on defense.
Kay Capalot
Kay Capalot Il y a mois
Got stripped by a rookie
The World of Izzy
The World of Izzy Il y a mois
Kyrie 🤮
carlo trese
carlo trese Il y a mois
why drmmond didnt go back in the game
Ruel Lagman
Ruel Lagman Il y a mois
Erving need to defend to much score for is man
darko galic
darko galic Il y a mois
Because of poor free throw shooting ! Coach let him stay on the bench only for that reason :). Nets would fauled him on purpose
Javid Shamloo
Javid Shamloo Il y a mois
Bro the Nets played like complete ass tonite. If they wanna win a championship they gotta get their D and rebounding up pronto. This was embarrassing for them but great for Cleveland, they honestly played fantastic
Agra Panambunan
Agra Panambunan Il y a mois
Charles S
Charles S Il y a mois
Can not believe it!
musti Il y a mois
Kyrie didnt guard sexton in 2 critical occasion and sexton scored 3 points each.
Louis Alexander
Louis Alexander Il y a mois
Damn 23 points in 4 secs already lol... That was quick. Must've been all free throws
darko galic
darko galic Il y a mois
I noticed comentator too :)
JTRAP1000 Il y a mois
Now that was AWESOME! The nets are really going to miss Allen on the defensive end
Orlando Garcia
Orlando Garcia Il y a mois
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