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Il y a 8 jours

The toys.
The games.
The cards.
The series.
The memories.

This one goes out to everyone who started out catching Pokémon…but ended up catching feelings instead. 😉

We’re kicking off our 25th anniversary celebration by taking a walk down memory lane! Drop a comment below if you spot anything familiar…

PineZapple Gaming
PineZapple Gaming Il y a 13 minutes
Pass the salt Pokémon edition
Global Gamer
Global Gamer Il y a 15 minutes
Very funny and cool video I loved it. Plus I want to see more different types of pokeballs in the Pokemon game store. The in-game store.
Cole Calling
Cole Calling Il y a 29 minutes
Music sounds like Terraria
Ziomownik 2580 fun
Ziomownik 2580 fun Il y a 2 heures
That's amazing
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Il y a 3 heures
Why is Pokemon so fucking cool? The concept... Damn.
Blaze The baby boy
Blaze The baby boy Il y a 5 heures
Happy 25th! Pokémon Gotta catch them all!
Iris Cecil
Iris Cecil Il y a 5 heures
imagine if pokemon was real if it was what pokemon whould you choose? I whould choose lycanroc (dusk form)
L Blast Quad
L Blast Quad Il y a 5 heures
my favourite Pokemon is Charizard
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Il y a 3 heures
I don't think they understand how nonexistent the overlap is between Pokémon dans and Katy Perry fans.
Lyri Metacurl
Lyri Metacurl Il y a 7 heures
25 years and my life is still trying to get up that great big hill of hope
MDT - Epicx_Gamer
MDT - Epicx_Gamer Il y a 7 heures
Wow! I did not know Pokemon is this old, gosh time flies so fast.
Mysticana-Mysticaya Mind
Mysticana-Mysticaya Mind Il y a 8 heures
Thank you for the memories. Here's to the future.
One of papyrus' attacks
One of papyrus' attacks Il y a 10 heures
It's happening!
Watame wa
Watame wa Il y a 11 heures
Yayy! Anyways New Mobile Pokemon Game for Next Gen? Haha just kidding, unless...?
Binjita :3
Binjita :3 Il y a 12 heures
Z E R O T W O Il y a 14 heures
The people who dislike this didn't know what art is
EmikaSandra Il y a 14 heures
There are so many references to the different gens, even just by looking at the scenery! It's absolutely beautiful!
Pobccc Il y a 15 heures
This really is cool and all, but it would be a lot cooler if the games were good again.
Ashley Schutz
Ashley Schutz Il y a 17 heures
So glad I didn’t miss that beautiful snippet of Pokémon Black playing on the DS in this with N off to the side-Unova was my home region and love my Pokémon Black to pieces~ This was a really fun chain-reaction video and must’ve taken lots of dedication for sure! Thanks to the creative teams that helped make this video and Nintendo/GameFreak, etc. for making this beautiful franchise. Love it so much!
Smasher Il y a 18 heures
Imagine if this is all they’re going to do for Pokémon 25 anniversary...
clashwizard7yt games
clashwizard7yt games Il y a 18 heures
i cant wait for sinnoh remakes or pokemon detective Pikachu 2 in crnemas 😁
Neraj Resupe
Neraj Resupe Il y a 19 heures
Diamond and Pearl Remakes could happen?
Diamiah Ridge
Diamiah Ridge Il y a 19 heures
Who’s going to keep track of all those memories?
Super Nerd
Super Nerd Il y a 20 heures
I don't think they understand how nonexistent the overlap is between Pokémon dans and Katy Perry fans.
HarperTwo Il y a 20 heures
I Love Pokémon So Much! And Now Its 25 Years Old! I'm So Happy!
Firefox Flareon
Firefox Flareon Il y a 20 heures
"Electric" - Katy Perry, 2021
MarioAndLuigiRPGGuy Il y a 21 heure
25 Years of Memories? More like 8 Years of Declining, the Pokemon series has been declining ever since X & Y came and the future of the franchise doesn't look good, Sword & Shield is where Pokemon has reach a new low in the series and managed to not only destroyed the franchise but also killed the franchise as well. I honestly think Gen 5 was Pokemon's last great generation in the series, if only the Pokemon series have stayed on the Gen 4 and Gen 5 line (Main focus on story and characters), Pokémon would now be a fairly established series with masterpieces instead of going through the great decline it is going through.
Sovenate Il y a 12 heures
Sun and Moon wasn't that bad pokemon wise, but you're right about story. Personally I think Black and White had the best story, and ever since then the stories have been crap imo
Michael McMillin
Michael McMillin Il y a 22 heures
This is going to be a year to remember
skinny's house of fun
skinny's house of fun Il y a 23 heures
Didnt have to flex on us that hard with the shiny charizard card though 😂
Aaron Il y a 23 heures
Who was your first pokemon ever? I picked Bulbasaur in Red version and tackled the whole game pretty much solo that way lmao. Really struggled when I hit the elite 4! Stocked up on items but I didn't know about the new champion! Think I was 8 😆😋 Happy 25th!
Bakail Frozen
Bakail Frozen Il y a jour
Yay more cards for scalpers/breakers to buy out and sell to us x3 the price!
Chunkrat Pokémon
Chunkrat Pokémon Il y a jour
Can’t wait for diamond pearl remakes!
Mr. doug
Mr. doug Il y a jour
ah yes 25 years of the same thing over and over again but hey i guess video was cool just wish they did more
Portia Mandundu Machana
Portia Mandundu Machana Il y a jour
Big thanks to whoever set this up
sokin jon
sokin jon Il y a jour
"Let's play a game. Take a shot every time you see a Pikachu... I'll see you in the hospital."
deltaRed Il y a jour
Ok but Sinnoh Remake when?
Lightgardian123 Il y a jour
Great Video. Praying for a Sinnoh Remake.
Random GBL SFS
Random GBL SFS Il y a jour
1:08 pokémon go!
sokin jon
sokin jon Il y a jour
I have maybe a 1000099 % of those figures and plushies🤣😂
Lorenzo Gonzales
Lorenzo Gonzales Il y a jour
This reminds me of the Boomerang scenes before the show would come back from commercial👏
ballom29 Il y a jour
Katy Perry & pokemon? Damn glad to see the pokemon company has its priority straight and value quality. /sarcasm off
Herobrine 27
Herobrine 27 Il y a jour
I saw a surprised pikachew meme
Mr G Daddy
Mr G Daddy Il y a jour
I think we should riot against scalpers and we should go to there houses at night take all their cards and share them all with the good people And burn the houses in the progress. I don't like scalpers
A Dog
A Dog Il y a jour
A Dog
A Dog Il y a jour
ジョウジ Il y a jour
次世代 中国🇨🇳
Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker
Wackaz 2.0 - Arthur Wacker Il y a jour
Although this is SUPER sweet and gets me pretty nostalgic watching this, after Gen 8's disappointing release, Pokémon just doesn't feel the same anymore man... I just hope they release Gen 4 remakes as soon as possible to rekindle my love in this wonderful franchise.
Peter Stephens
Peter Stephens Il y a jour
Will there be future Pokémon battle for Pokémon journey episodes misty vs galar water gym leader nessa , Clair vs galar dragon gym leader raihan , kalos bug gym leader vs misty ,kalos bug gym leader vs sinnoh bug queen who trade goh pinsar and johto fly gym leader vs unova gym leader !?
Crusader of the Revanites, Akatsuki Nate
Crusader of the Revanites, Akatsuki Nate Il y a jour
All I ask is with the Sinnoh Remakes is that they aren’t a fucking disaster like Sword and Shield were...
Dominick Pollington
Dominick Pollington Il y a jour
Pokémon is awesome
Samyak Jayaram
Samyak Jayaram Il y a jour
まき Il y a jour
Jeremy Il y a jour
Twenty-five years and still beloved 😊
Keith Kortum
Keith Kortum Il y a jour
I have maybe a 1000099 % of those figures and plushies🤣😂
a completely normal Torchic
a completely normal Torchic Il y a jour
Awesome video!
Lepo Il y a jour
I spotted Detective Pikachu and the Crow Pokemon Lifting Taxi from Pokemon Twilight Wings!
Azynobi Taku
Azynobi Taku Il y a jour
My birthday is on 27th February and that is the pokemon day. Yaaaaay!
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown Il y a jour
Katy Perry has both a song called Diamond and a song called Pearl. Just saying.
Keith Bergstrom
Keith Bergstrom Il y a jour
What is your favorite Pokémon?Mine is sceptile
Zach Pulido
Zach Pulido Il y a jour
Feel old yet?
Colonel 100
Colonel 100 Il y a jour
MoonMan Il y a jour
Diamond Pearl remakes????
Isaiah blaze
Isaiah blaze Il y a jour
And you shod make it ti wete you can get all the regis on your own
Isaiah blaze
Isaiah blaze Il y a jour
Are you going to have to buy the next dlc
VG entertainment
VG entertainment Il y a jour
1.1k dislikes goes to Digimon who are corrupted files of Pokemon
The Great Canadian
The Great Canadian Il y a jour
Thats it
Chase Peters
Chase Peters Il y a jour
Cady Perry and pokemon?
G0G0 DUCK Il y a jour
That poor ortofon :(
Axorision '
Axorision ' Il y a jour
Katy perry in sexy pikachu costume go brr.
Luke Toast
Luke Toast Il y a jour
Does leaving out the gen 4 starters mean something
Max Vickers
Max Vickers Il y a jour
props to pokemon for hiding shocked Pikachu in this video
The Enemy Entity
The Enemy Entity Il y a jour
This looks like it could be a fresh start of TPC collabing with more 3rd party productions both high-ends and indies. I look forward to more of this kind.
BillyBop Il y a jour
I love you guys so much thank you for 25 years
Amourshipper Il y a jour
omg really pokemon is 25 years old i remember when it first came out in 1996 dam
Julian Tapia
Julian Tapia Il y a jour
This is a beautiful testament (deserving of admiration) for a beloved game series, by people who clearly love the series... ...far more than the creators do these days.
Lucas Souza
Lucas Souza Il y a jour
Imagine if the Dragonite decided to fly away from the cart
brendan mulrooney
brendan mulrooney Il y a jour
1:03 super agitated that the pokeballs got out of order
Lucas Egeland
Lucas Egeland Il y a jour
It seems like just yesterday black and white came out, time goes by
momin khan
momin khan Il y a jour
1:33 That sounded like "eggtrick" 😂
Dj Genius Wiz
Dj Genius Wiz Il y a jour
Lets Get The Game Boy Versions Of Pokémon Updated For Pokémon Home
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Il y a jour
Everyone: Katy Perry: Electric
Frost Paw
Frost Paw Il y a jour
i hope the pokemon company will start working as hard on their games as the creators of this video!! :)
Aksharan Subaskaran
Aksharan Subaskaran Il y a jour
I don't know how i missed this :(
Rini Brijkaushly
Rini Brijkaushly Il y a jour
Nice!too bad gamefreak doesn't make good games anymore
heypug yuh
heypug yuh Il y a jour
Where ever I go I see his face :pikachu
heypug yuh
heypug yuh Il y a jour
Yeah it is quire good
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Il y a jour
this was an amazing work!
Ditto Il y a jour
My boy sableye got into the video pog
Creddit Il y a jour
a Pokemon has fallen into the river, in Pallet Town.
Beren Elendil
Beren Elendil Il y a 19 heures
番号 Il y a jour
All I want is a hard Pokémon game 😔
LC LY Il y a jour
Lol G4 representative were the two new Eeveelution on that Gen and Red from HGSS lmao, at least Kalos had Greninja show up
The Conductor Esplin
The Conductor Esplin Il y a jour
Hate to ruin the mood but You still are selling Sword & Shield a Pokemon game with less content than dimond Why?
Owen Knowlton
Owen Knowlton Il y a jour
Rube Goldbergs are always so fun.
Atticus Harden
Atticus Harden Il y a 2 jours
Congratulations, to the people who made Pokemon a reality will always hold a special place in my heart.
SaffronTown Il y a 2 jours
ty for the memories
DINNAH GOD Il y a 2 jours
Wow 25 years? I remember picking up pokemon red and blue when I was a kid, damn I'm getting old.
Ehsanul Hasan
Ehsanul Hasan Il y a 2 jours
So amazing to watch! All the games in 1:36 mins! Loved every second of it!
bubbles32 watson
bubbles32 watson Il y a 2 jours
This is the fakest looking Rube Goldberg device I’ve ever seen. The camera cuts too much for it to even have an ounce of credibility that it was real. Typical nintendo cheaping out where it counts.
Fazil Dawoodani
Fazil Dawoodani Il y a 2 jours
I hate this. It didn't have Furret in it or Eevee who are more popular than most of the Pokemons combined.
Smooth Sceptile
Smooth Sceptile Il y a jour
eevee at 1:05 in the middle
Jacob White
Jacob White Il y a 2 jours
pokemon couldnt afford gaga over perry?
The_fox_that_became_a_wolf Il y a 2 jours
this was an amazing work!
Not The City HQ
Not The City HQ Il y a 2 jours
Katy Perry??
ƆႱ Il y a 2 jours
this video has more effort than the last pokemon games
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