Jay Pete
Jay Pete Il y a 22 heures
Guess he didn’t see what he saw that night!🤷🏾‍♂️
Marvelousmarvin Il y a 22 heures
Something looks wrong with wilder look at him the way he looks he look possessed. He need some church in home
Padro Gonzo
Padro Gonzo Il y a 22 heures
That dude from Turkey 🦃 was giving Direll some work .He was hungry for sure Close fight 💪 So they should do it again 👌🥊🥊
Day1K _
Day1K _ Il y a 22 heures
Broner has power and great boxing skills. Just no consistency and “want to.” He should have easily beat Porter ass.
derrick blacks
derrick blacks Il y a 22 heures
his leg look crazy at the second round before he ever got hit good u see him hold on to the rope once he start drinking that waaater lol
Israel Mora
Israel Mora Il y a 22 heures
Am I trippin or does it look like fury glove isn't put all the way in!!!!
Elian Zapata
Elian Zapata Il y a 23 heures
The translator at the end is on point 👍🏻👏🏼
Living4Boxing Il y a 23 heures
Tyson was just on a different level this day. Big respect to wilder but he was just never going to win this rematch.
Stiff Jabzz
Stiff Jabzz Il y a 23 heures
You would've thought this fight was in the Uk all those boos 4 wilder!
c_n_h_ zoe
c_n_h_ zoe Il y a 23 heures
Put sum respect on Thurman name the boy a beast
Tochukwu Ejim
Tochukwu Ejim Il y a 23 heures
Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are a different fighters, Joshua does not focus more on one-two. he boxes so fury has to watch out for those Uppercut.
Brandon Blackwell
Brandon Blackwell Il y a 23 heures
This was a dog fight ! A fight till the death !
RomAn Cantu
RomAn Cantu Il y a 23 heures
Lmfao!! And these fools wanna fight Canelo??!!! 😆
ecw787 Il y a 23 heures
Colbert vs Shakur or Tank is what I wanna see. Would be an amazing chess match. Got footage of Shakur and Colbert sparring each other on my FRpost by the way.
Young Gawdd
Young Gawdd Il y a 23 heures
Damn deontay fought a cheater
Howard Polk
Howard Polk Il y a 23 heures
Wilder is a terrible boxer!
m b
m b Il y a 23 heures
Seriously have you ever seen a more pathetic year long fan meltdown than wilder fans?
MATTHEW cloke Il y a 23 heures
Otto is my boy! He is going to give the likes of AJ a run for his money, Fury was his first top level opponent look what happens when gets eased in!
mr vergas 123
mr vergas 123 Il y a jour
Yildim is not a champion I think is a easy one for canelo Saturday he won't last 3 rounds for sure
Grub Thomas
Grub Thomas Il y a jour
Adrian was a soft sponge in that ring
Nuril Il y a jour
I had it 97-95 to Yildirim, no way Dirrell won that fight, constantly on the back foot and on the ropes.
Alberto Lopez
Alberto Lopez Il y a jour
La chona!!!
Dashawn Griffin
Dashawn Griffin Il y a jour
There needs to be a 3rd fight, this is the 3rd time I watched it, this fight was called off prematurely, deontay was staying in the fight to me. Something fishy about this fight. There Needs To Be A Third Fight!!!!
m b
m b Il y a 23 heures
Denzel Sterling Porter
Denzel Sterling Porter Il y a jour
Broner is the GOAT!
Chris xO
Chris xO Il y a jour
This man said "We boxing?" After the first round......damn
Jam Jam
Jam Jam Il y a jour
Charlo has to smother this guy to win. His athletic ability has to lead the charge. Don’t let him fight at distance, side to side in and out, and keep the pressure on .
GoGoTwice Il y a jour
Looking back, Deontay did have a good round 2 - and that was it, Fury beat him up in every other round. I will say that there is never a dull Deontay Wilder fight, hope he gets a fight soon with Andy Ruiz Jr., that would be non-stop action.
Who Are You? Suka!
Who Are You? Suka! Il y a jour
Boxing ego fans looking at the gloves with a microscope. But sore racists.
D. o
D. o Il y a jour
That left hook at 22:08 was special 😃
Kamrul 82
Kamrul 82 Il y a jour
34:24 the ring girls reactions lol
Richard Michuax
Richard Michuax Il y a jour
Richard Michuax
Richard Michuax Il y a jour
Tino Tino
Tino Tino Il y a jour
This man says with his own mouth that he is conscious social media is the new way to be known but he is not that type????? Foolish thinking. That's the same mistakes most good black fighters are making. If you won't market yourself you won't be a big draw and the time for promoters is almost over. A poor fans base = poor draw = scarse opportunities = less income = die poor = family misery! Stay away from social media bro and good luck!
searchoverload8 Il y a jour
Don Cristian and Lil Kev
Don Cristian and Lil Kev Il y a jour
Ngl Avni got robbed
nexhat halimi
nexhat halimi Il y a jour
Fury looked great but wilder was off from when the mask came off i knew something was wrong with him
Razor Ibiza
Razor Ibiza Il y a jour
So bad techniques, Mike Tyson teacher for these two
Monty Bennett
Monty Bennett Il y a jour
dennis roofe
dennis roofe Il y a jour
Damn Breazeal , you let me down , I predicted you to get the "W"
Dr. Plans
Dr. Plans Il y a jour
it sucks that vazquez suffered from the same thing as ringondeaux. they said he was too boring and he completely changed his style. vazquez was a tricky boxer and he turned into a slugger and started losing
Adam Zi
Adam Zi Il y a jour
They spiked Bayless' water not Wilder's...I expected him to start throwing at Fury too at some point.
Daniel Il y a jour
All the pbc fighters in the back facial expressions are priceless lmao
Luan Gomes
Luan Gomes Il y a jour
36:26 OMG !!!! Now man 😥
dblac joker
dblac joker Il y a jour
wilder was off since the sound of the first round bell
Duke Todd
Duke Todd Il y a jour
Omg look at Fury gloves it’s so obvious
Duke Todd
Duke Todd Il y a jour
Omg look at those gloves
The Mekka Vlogs
The Mekka Vlogs Il y a jour
Jimmy Lennon Jr is the goat for me Doc
kingof sleep
kingof sleep Il y a jour
This result is bullshit ..
Kota Kidd
Kota Kidd Il y a jour
Good show here 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Daniel Il y a jour
Thanks for uploading so I can rewatch wilder getting knocked tf out again 😂😂 where all the LDBC and PBC D riders at lmfao
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Il y a jour
Wait till yidirim feels canelos body punchs that body wide open .one body punch will put him on the canvas.
Robin Moss
Robin Moss Il y a jour
Was I the only one who didn’t know this fight was happening
Alexander Mutitbo
Alexander Mutitbo Il y a jour
I remember I stayed up till 5am in the UK for this just for it to end in 5 seconds it was amazing to watch live
Gladys Rodgers
Gladys Rodgers Il y a jour
You could easily see Adrian could have given Garcia gaggling blows consistly like he can do but didnt which would have caused him to stay off ropes and as slow as Garcia is you know Adrian could have won if I saw alot of openings i know he did all that clowing in the past worked against him adrian take your fights serious you're a gaggling gun fighter standing around blocking stop it and fight deliberately taking blows as usual makes no sense
jason stovall513
jason stovall513 Il y a jour
Is it me or do tank only fight nobody’s
bubba luv
bubba luv Il y a jour
his head is pinata on sat, too sloww everywhere
Tony Sung
Tony Sung Il y a jour
Dang Fury and his team are real shady. What goes around comes around
Tensors D
Tensors D Il y a jour
Wilder got his ass beat easy work for fury
Korbin Pheenix
Korbin Pheenix Il y a jour
33:56 went out the window. It reminded me of gatti and ward 2. Where it was supposed to be a slugfest war and gatti changed shit up 2nd time around. One thing about easter. He did something I've been mentioning. If you're conditioned, set your rhythm and dont let your guy get into one. TOO many fighters now in this rocky type movie pattern where they have to frame up things and unconsciously telegraph a play by play of how things are gonna go in the ring. Easter was there FIGHTING.. its almost like rhythmically they follow an invisible script nowadays. Really refreshing to see Easter fight organically😊
Ömer Aras Çil
Ömer Aras Çil Il y a jour
Ne mutlu TÜRK üm diyene
iMack Music
iMack Music Il y a jour
Shawn threw more punches
Eddie Il y a jour
Neither of these guys are very good... Fury looks like a clumsy unfit Mr. Clean Deontay has power, and nothing more.
Robert Rudolph
Robert Rudolph Il y a jour
That kid is a beast! Fight should have been stopped sooner that guy took a bad beating!! That’s my opinion, also I’m keeping my eye on this kid definitely something special!
Tony Sung
Tony Sung Il y a jour
this was not a draw Wilder got robbed
Boks Türkiye
Boks Türkiye Il y a jour
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones Il y a jour
What Eva happen to andre dirrel ?
o k
o k Il y a jour
Deontay's skinny ass legs makes it hard for me to focus on the fight 😂
Qwerty240991 rfvgy
Qwerty240991 rfvgy Il y a jour
Is it normal for a ref to say stop in a clinch slap one fighter to stop then change his mind and say work it out when Wilder throws a good punch like Kenny did at 21:30 of this vid in the 5th round?
chris strachan
chris strachan Il y a jour
These commentators are deluded . Wilder doesn’t want that smoke again . He got dealt with . Wilder didn’t look right cause fury beat him up