Fierce Egal
Fierce Egal Il y a 15 heures
Why would anyone want to live in America??
bel pet
bel pet Il y a 15 heures
*casually going to go find cop rock*
Matthew Florio
Matthew Florio Il y a 15 heures
Why did Hetalia lie to me? I thought America was the hero. If not a hero, then a funnyman. This... This is not funny or heroic. I am ashamed.
Glen Il y a 15 heures
The cops wanting to watch the replay over and over is why the raids are so popular with law enforcement, the cops think it's cool and fun to do.
commonnerfer Il y a 15 heures
It’s even worse when you think people are breaking into your house so you shoot back.
Joshua Parrott
Joshua Parrott Il y a 15 heures
The police are used for everything, it's ridiculous
Aldi More
Aldi More Il y a 15 heures
Flash forward 10 years. I bet its worse. Face it, humans are flawed.
UserInterface00 Il y a 15 heures
Most, if not all states allow use of marijuana now. Guess we all have to be prepared to get raided at some point.
woodmon35 Il y a 15 heures
Cherry Picking Last Week's Data Tonight with John Oliver
Scott H
Scott H Il y a 15 heures
"I know that guy looks like a bit of a belligerent a-hole" - Or... maybe he's just someone who asked himself, "What if this happened to me?" and got so rightfully pissed that the geniuses around him don't understand how nonsensical, dangerous, and damaging to human lives this is.
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
👁 👁 2 min later
bel pet
bel pet Il y a 15 heures
Hey, maybe with all the data showing how horrible the war on drugs is, we should end it.
You Fe
You Fe Il y a 15 heures
If someone comes and tells me that US is a law country I will fucking laugh out loud on his face and show him this clip and some more.
iam tenrose
iam tenrose Il y a 15 heures
I don't want to be in anyway associated with the American police, army, or veterans. Pretty sure all are pretty messed up mentally.
raistlinsorbet Il y a 15 heures
The majority of Police are nothing but racist murderers with badges and guns. They are NEVER held accountable for their actions
Smoker X
Smoker X Il y a 15 heures
aww you left out the time officers tossed a flash bang into a babies crib..
bigmanforce Il y a 15 heures
i fucking hate when they say that to people ''OK CALM DOWN'' For fuck sakes
joseph dragojevich
joseph dragojevich Il y a 15 heures
instead of asking why a certain race is being raided more than others, why dont you ask why certain races are more likely to be caught up in activities that would RESULT in a raid, aka drug actvity and crimes. if you are looking at raids and ONLY seeing the color of those involved then you are part of the issue..
Nicholas Bonasoro
Nicholas Bonasoro Il y a 15 heures
Its nice that John Oliver is funny again now that Trump left office, he was unbearable for the last ouple of years.
Deadpool Da king
Deadpool Da king Il y a 15 heures
I’m actually from the county that neighbors Henry county or the idiot with the “big bad wolf”. Legitimately their training for weapons and stuff is one two week course. The amount of raids the local sheriffs in that area do without documenting is startling. And these sheriff departments have no internal affairs to review when force was used.
kimberly smith
kimberly smith Il y a 15 heures
Thank you. We have been telling people this in Georgia for years. I participated in a rally for that baby that got a flash bang in his face. they were in that house because their other house burned down.
M. Ali Awan
M. Ali Awan Il y a 15 heures
People are overly critical of America. Bad things or even worse happens all over the world deliberately. The only difference is US is always held to a higher standard and they have the free press to expose “big dudes sitting in between Virginia and Maryland”
Michael Binnebose
Michael Binnebose Il y a 15 heures
out of all the languages in the world last week tonight always chooses to speak facts
hendrsb33 Il y a 15 heures
Looking at that SWAT training vid, it seems as if these guys get off on these speculative scenarios. Bloody babies on a table, bloody handprints on a door. This is like extreme LARPing with the possibility of it being real. Imagine the adrenaline rush these guys get when they go into a real scenario and it doesn't turn out exactly as they plan and mistakes get made. And most citizens, especially if they're innocent, have no idea what's going on and totally freak out when these adrenaline-crazed stormtroopers come crashing into their homes.
UrbanKumaKage Il y a 15 heures
LmAo.😂.😂.😂 @ "trained tactical unit"
Elizabeth Klisiewecz
Elizabeth Klisiewecz Il y a 15 heures
we should no longer allow electronic search warrants bc I feel that it makes it easier to get illegal warrants signed
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
We’re going to China And you will like it
Dub G Ink
Dub G Ink Il y a 15 heures
Police are a necessary evil...I know it's a stretch to use the word "necessary "I also like to replay videos of police getting shot....but are not laughing at them.jus think it's real cool how they died
Kate Jagger
Kate Jagger Il y a 15 heures
Just one more reason to not have any respect for the police. Stop f*cking up so bad, guys.
Adam McCarty
Adam McCarty Il y a 15 heures
Send them to train the Myanmar police?
Gek Po
Gek Po Il y a 15 heures
Really? This guy's disinformation is criminal. Police activities air dictated by crime levels. 98% of the deaths are because of noncompliance. Granted it is not perfect. But you cry babies will close your minds to fact. This guy is bias in his OPINION!!!
TJMizu Il y a 15 heures
Lmao minimum wage delivery drivers can find the right address. These trained fools running around with military grade weapons can’t. Pathetic.
jinxshaddix Il y a 15 heures
Should have had a segment on the "SWATing" shit on public persons, namely streamers too.
Tokes Tv
Tokes Tv Il y a 15 heures
Where tf you been Oliver we’ve needed you!
Paul McConnell
Paul McConnell Il y a 15 heures
I really wish I could convince more people to just fucking watch your show. I live in South Carolina, where there are so many eyes that are unwilling to be opened.
Jedi Tres
Jedi Tres Il y a 15 heures
Cops don’t have to get a higher education and they tend to be poorly educated, like most conservatives. All police should get some basic form of college education.
JJ The Ronin
JJ The Ronin Il y a 15 heures
This show never disappoints
FourEyesFive Il y a 15 heures
Also, Waco taught us, if you didn’t know, a Flashbang grenade is still a grenade. It explodes.
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
I want to buy 2 colleges When did it become possible for me to purchase 2 colleges cash?
Stefan R
Stefan R Il y a 15 heures
I live in the St Louis Missouri area where some areas are predominantly more dangerous than others. So police aren’t needed and shouldn’t be able to try and protect communities?
Elchupa-nebrea Il y a 15 heures
Funny how a good portion of these raids come from Chicago! Also funny is how I also live in Chicagoland and have had my home raided for smelling marijuana. Twice. 2x no conviction, 1st time they found a joint. 2nd time nobody was home and they served the search warrant to a folding chair and also found nothing.
Dave McDonald
Dave McDonald Il y a 15 heures
Wow, 10's of thousands a time per year, and we only have this once that something went wrong. I'm sold, they need to continue.
K Mech
K Mech Il y a 15 heures
Police are a joke in this country, a deadly joke that needs COMPLETE reform.
direct22asia Il y a 15 heures
Police can enter in your house, unannounced, you cannot defend your self, you cannot sue, they don't have to pay for damages. And people still claim there isn't a problem with police in the US. Though i bet they will feel differently if they felt that it would affect them!
Javlon Juraev
Javlon Juraev Il y a 15 heures
Oh, America the ugly 🤦‍♂️
Kingdeme Il y a 15 heures
$ years bitching about trump, but Biden starts bombing Syria and fucking crickets
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
A university
RJ Robertson-DeGraaff
RJ Robertson-DeGraaff Il y a 15 heures
I can't be the only one aggressively fighting the instinct to call swat on Trump's entire cabinet.
Eli Raloff
Eli Raloff Il y a 15 heures
Johns joke timing when not in front of an audience has gotten better
Paul Kenney
Paul Kenney Il y a 15 heures
America goes from the artic to Antarctica this is the good old United States
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
Don’t I look CIA Am it to CIAeee for the CIA?
Stijn Savelsbergh
Stijn Savelsbergh Il y a 15 heures
Could someone please explain how it is possible that police do not have to reimburse victims of a wrongfully invaded house?
1jiveturkey1 Il y a 15 heures
Cult leader baby murder is an excellent boy band name.
Vilhelm Hammershoi
Vilhelm Hammershoi Il y a 15 heures
jason miller
jason miller Il y a 15 heures
these police unions that make holding officers un-accountable have got to go. i grew up in a very poor area in Dayton, Ohio (eastside dirty boys what up) and we were always treated like criminals not citizens. my sister was accosted by 2 police officers at a gas station because a officer thought she was someone else, and even after producing a i.d that showed who she was they still took her downtown to be booked, we bailed her out and at the court hearing the judge was so mad she told the officers if they ever enter her court with false allegations again they both would be going to jail. the 2 police officers then harassed my sister for years after that till she finally moved out of state. she complained constantly that these officers were stalking her to numerous officials.....nobody gave two shits about what she had to say. F#$% THE POLICE.
Ted Il y a 15 heures
Unless there's a hostage situation or someone's life is in grave danger I don't see a reason for raids. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
Temple Weed Air soft (just cause) Vinyl Hunting Racing Golf course Movie theater And I’m Hitler grandson Sleeping bag year more like it
Max Enebé Matta Flores
Max Enebé Matta Flores Il y a 15 heures
Next week cover swatting by hackers and gamers. It’s insane how many people have died and how easy it is to use police as a weapon. What due process?
Konglomerant Il y a 15 heures
Tots R Us!!!
Techno Logic
Techno Logic Il y a 15 heures
They all had Bad Omen, they deserved it.
Elf S.
Elf S. Il y a 15 heures
Am I the only person who watch the show in 0.75 because he speaks so fast?
KLUB SERG Il y a 15 heures
you wait for the purp to be out in the open duh
Romel Maldonado
Romel Maldonado Il y a 15 heures
Ah yes John Oliver once again giving completely unrealistic advice on far complex subject for all of us to blindly agree on and forget by next week
JayBird Il y a 15 heures
I am very sorry Mr. Oliver, but after hearing the lyrics "i'm the baby merchant" I just can't pay attention to anything else this episode. I need more Cop Rock.
Senica S
Senica S Il y a 15 heures
My grandma has lived in a "black neighborhood" in Toledo Ohio, my entire life, and the worst thing that ever happened there was a father and son( white men) a few houses down keeping a young girl hostage for years in their basement... 🤔
Gwynne Virts
Gwynne Virts Il y a 15 heures
My grandmother rented a room to someone who was, unbeknownst to her, wanted by the police. The police went to her and she gave them the keys so they could arrest him. They broke her door down anyway and she had to pay for it.
Ionic Il y a 15 heures
Out of ALL the things I was expecting, cop rock was not one of them.
MrFarfromjonezen Il y a 15 heures
Did anyone else think the BATMAN tag on the the Armored Assault Vehicle was a bit much? America was founded by rich SLAVE owners that wanted freedom from unjust taxation and tyranny So they could do it themselves? 1st company to trade stocks was also the company that traded and sold SLAVES with the Americas Who did America sell it's citizens to? Insurance, Banking, Big Business, Big Pharma? And when, I know the federal SLAVE wage hasn't risen in over a decade, so was it then or was that just when the deal finalized? Government has never really been good about keeping us up to date, but I am sure they will update us on the topic during or just before marshal law is enacted right?
Comrade Roman
Comrade Roman Il y a 15 heures
Do the cops who recorded and rewatched that footage think they're in Superbad or something!?
RickF7666 Il y a 15 heures
It doesn't happen often, but I completely agree with John on this subject. There are far to many laws protecting absolutely terrifying behavior from the Police. They literally get away with murder on a regular basis. It should be very hard to become a police officer and very easy to be fired. Remember they all volunteered for the job and it doesn't automatically make the "heroes".
Jakle25 Il y a 15 heures
You just gotta imagine how useless some of these people are in their personal lives. "Is this the house?" "This one?"
KLUB SERG Il y a 15 heures
now they cant use weed smell to kill people it wont matter they will find new smell
Tammi Hartung
Tammi Hartung Il y a 15 heures
80s- Cocaine/Crack 90s- Crystal Meth 2000s- Opioids/Heroin 2010/2020s- The Police try to once and for to get rid of the Black and Latino people and the extremely poor. They have unilaterally decided that these groups of people need to be disposed of. So, they preform mass raids knowing that they get to kill someone or at least strip them of their humanity. The excessively increasing use of Police Brutality against innocent Black people mainly, has become an epidemic as bad as Covid-19. People are dying from both diseases. At least now, we have a vaccine for one of them.
Karebu Shmarebu
Karebu Shmarebu Il y a 15 heures
Get tae fuck yah ding, prawn cocktail crisps are pure banging mate
Kendall Clayton
Kendall Clayton Il y a 15 heures
“I’m am just an idiot” There is a conspiracy
W Serba
W Serba Il y a 15 heures
Remember when LastWeekTonight used to be funny?
Christian's Brain
Christian's Brain Il y a 15 heures
What, is it no longer funny because you disagree with it?
Natan Getschel
Natan Getschel Il y a 15 heures
When I shop for Instacart I can even get my account deactivated if I deliver to the wrong address, but the police just get a "oh well, better luck next time"
S C Il y a 15 heures
Thank god this didn't have anything to do with Raid Shadow Ledgends.
Azhan 19
Azhan 19 Il y a 15 heures
Dr. Evil’s mini me in a crib: The police: *flashbang* Mini me: 🤙
Lemming Overlord
Lemming Overlord Il y a 15 heures
Dog: Exists Cops: “And I took that personally”